The need for politicians to score a self-goal, Sushma Swaraj speaks about Reddy brothers in Karnataka

From time to time, Indian politicians get into the foot in mouth syndrome and utter something that leads to a lot of controversy for them and for their political parties. In extreme cases, this leads to them losing their current set of privileges, and even years away from active politics. One does not know what […]

Corruption in Central Government Schemes – where is the accountability, and what is the economic loss ?

In recent times, there has been a spate of news about wastage of funds from Central Government schemes. The Government has discovered the need to ensure that there is a lot of spending with regard to poverty alleviation in order to ensure that it seems to connect with the ‘aam admi’. Given the huge amount […]

The shock to the DMK – the arrest of Kanimozhi; but what can do the DMK do ?

Finally the long awaited arrest happened. After the earlier arrest of DMK’s Raja, the investigation of the case by the CBI kept on moving ahead, guided by the ongoing investigation by the CBI, with media highlighting the various lapses by the CBI and by the investigation agencies, and with the Supreme Court looking into the […]