Coalition Politics in Present times – What a sham!

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The United Progressive Alliance – II government has been branded as one of the most corrupt and misgoverned administrations of all time, and with good reason too, for its tenure has been lined with numerous scams and flimflams, the biggest and most notable among them being the 2G spectrum scam.
The government is there to serve the people and the prime minister has the role of choosing ministers, people who will work for that goal. However, now getting a ministerial berth has become an end in itself. Politicians, who have no other agenda but to embezzle money from public funds have begun finding their way into the cabinet.
Dr Manmohan Singh blames the coalition politics for these scams, after all A. Raju was a DMK member; however isn’t he the one who appoints the Cabinet? Shouldn’t all the Cabinet Ministers be answerable to him rather than to their own party chiefs? Coalition politics is crucial for the governance of democracy and I do not wish to denunciate it, for only when people from different regions, different ideas and opinions come together to govern, can democracy really thrive. But, in the present case, the UPA alliances are more like cancerous tumours, which need to be removed; Dr Manmohan Singh himself implied as much.

On being questioned about the spectrum scam Dr Singh told news channel editors: “I did not feel I had the authority to object to Raja’s entry although complaints were coming from some companies who were not benefitted and some who had not benefitted adequately.” Dr Singh said “Obviously, things are not entirely what I would like them to be,” and in a coalition, there is a coalition dharma. So if Prime Minister is unable to serve the people, is there really any reason to continue with the alliance?
Different agencies peg the estimated loss of government revenue between Rs. 50,000 crore and Rs. 1.76 lakh crore. Putting this sum in perspective the total budget that has been allotted to the all-important Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan in 2011 is Rs. 21,000 crore. What is the use of such an alliance, a government whose sole aim is to stay in power? Why does Dr Singh need to defend himself? Why save an alliance that is bad for all? Is it worth running a government, where amounts as large as the defence budget (Rs. 1.64 lakh crore in 2011) are siphoned off from public funds by coalition partners?
The government can be likened to a fruit. Now if the fruit becomes diseased, will we still eat the fruit because it is food? Likewise, should the government continue governance along with the diseased coalition politics, or should they break away? Yes they may risk losing the majority. Yes the government may collapse but won’t they be serving the people – their sole purpose of existence anyway?
To clarify, I do not wish for a change in the present regime, but if the leader of the regime himself thinks that the present coalition combination is not ideal, why continue to chug along the thorny path of fraudulent governance and public deception? Won’t people be better served by a government that is answerable to its leader, a government in which only the deserving get a chance to govern? Presently, politicians have forgotten their roles, that the government is there to serve the people, not them, and they are there to serve the government. They need to be reminded so that they start working for us, and not us for them.

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  • The people get the government they deserve. The people voted out the anti-nuclear left but did not vote out the corrupt dmk. That’s all you need to know about the priorities of the electorate.

  • @Pundit – The thing is most of parliamentary elections are generally fought based on local issues, issues that are in the State list rather than in the Union List, and while the voter awareness campaigns are targeted at the educated folks, social activists actually need to enlighten the rural people. We do not deserve bad governance. PS – This discussion is not about DMK vs Left, it’s about bringing in responsible governance.

  • magicskies1

    The PM is of-course responsible. If not him, who is. Manmohan Singh being a former finance minister would understand how much the country can benefit from an income of 50000 crores.

  • @magicskies1 – correction, Manmohan Singh is the most qualified person to be PM, and in a better cabinet, he would have my full backing as PM. However, no he isn’t responsible. For eg – even though all school teachers are given equal authority, only some manage to keep their children disciplined while others fail to do so. So as PM, Manmohan Singh needs to have more control over his cabinet.

  • @Shubhaang:

    Hi Shubhaang. Sorry, I don’t check in here every day.

    The people get the government they deserve, period. It is the voter’s duty to keep herself informed on issues that matter most to her and issues that concern the national interest. Not a lot of people are blessed with a good capacity for critical thinking and/or deep interest in policy rather than politics. That’s where things start to go wrong.

    If too many people in the electorate are easily bribed with cold hard cash in the run up to the elections, the electorate shoots itself in the foot. If too many people care too much about only one particular issue, then the particular party that serves their needs on that one issue benefits in the short run. There are any number of factors that influence the vote.

    Anything can happen. That’s why elections are so exciting and so hard to predict and so fascinating to decipher later on.

    In the run up to the last national elections, the nation was deeply moved by the Prime Minister’s efforts and personal pledges re: Indo-US nuclear deal. The electorate bought into the Congress/UPA’s agenda to a certain extent and punished the Left. Everybody was told the nuclear deal was a matter of national prestige.

    Telecom Minister A. Raja’s corrupt ways appear to have been common knowledge in Delhi for a long time. Unfortunately, the Tamil Nadu electorate keeps voting in the DMK for reasons best known to them.

    These are just examples to illustrate my point.

    Y’all make me type too much on this site. I read somewhere, the less you write, the more perfect it is. 😉

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