Court asks as to why Government should not pay for bandhs and strikes that cause losses

In the recent pasts, the northern states of India have seen agitations and strikes that have caused a huge amount of inconvenience to the general population. The protests by Gujjars, and then by the Jat community, demanding reservations in jobs have seen blockades of roads and trains, stopping the flow of goods and people across […]

Need a new revolution for keeping our mother (INDIA) from fraud indian politics and religion political frauds

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To protect our India from scammers and political looters and religious fraud political persons, can you make a revolution?? Our former freedom fighters dream was to make India a world number one. But there is a question about […]

Investigation into the CWG mess – other politicians besides Kalmadi also guilty

The controversy over the expenses made during the Commonwealth Games (and the state of preparation for the Games) had started way before the Games were held; but there was an earnest plea from all the organization bodies (the Organizing Committee, the Delhi Government, the Indian Government) that any muck-raking over the entire preparation and money-looting […]