Indian Government blocking access to Blogger sites ?

A lot of the recent upheavals that we have seen in countries around the world are coordinated through the internet, through social networking sites, primarily Facebook and Twitter. However, Blog posts form a significant form of expression which can change the behavior of people and spreads quickly (all it takes is for blog posts to be spread through various networking sites), and as a result, can be a strong form of opposition to governing parties. Egypt, Iran, China, and many other countries have seen the use of the internet and mobile networks for coordination of such popular expressions of discontent, and Governments do a lot to try and damp down such expressions by limiting access to the internet and to specific sites.
However, in India, we pride ourselves on our open society, our democracy and the ability of people to express their expression in a democratic way, which allows the airing of opposition without it causing a threat to the governing system. However, it would seem that the Government remains scared about the power of such expression, especially when it is being threatened by a huge public backlash due to the various corruptions scams that seem to run through the country. Further, even business leaders and other prominent people are raising the issue about the lack of governance and moral deficit in the rulers of the country.

So, what does it mean when suddenly, a very popular and powerful platform for blogging is suddenly inaccessible from most of the internet service providers of the country ? Sounds very suspicious, right ? And nobody seems to be covering this in the media as well (link to article):

The popular blogging platform blogspot has been blocked by India again.
We can access the blog dashboard, Post Blogs,View Comments but we cannot view the Blog itself, which is very frustrating.
This has been proven using different proxies and some Indian ISP’s which have not implemented the block. The Indian ISP’s which are blocking Blogspot domain with the latest test we have done are BSNL, Airtel, Tikona, Tata, Idea.
With all the Telecom scams running in India right now, it seems the Indian government is apprehensive something like Egypt from taking place, maybe?
Who knows what site will be blocked next, Facebook, Twitter, Orkut, Linkedin? No one knows, as long as the government of India is being run by scamsters, we don’t know which way they will swing their power for their benefit.

2 comments to Indian Government blocking access to Blogger sites ?

  • The issue of blogging website doesn’t seem too much concerning for the government like that in the Egypt and ofcourse China. And even if such decision is taken by the government to block the sites it will be declared unconstitutional to declare the sites that have no potential threat to the Indian citizens, and a major public opinion will be aroused I think beginning a revolution. So I dont think that the government will hit the axe on her on leg !

  • Actually, they seem to have done this blocking earlier, in 2006 as well.

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