2G spectrum scam and recent developments – Arrest of Raja

The former telecom Minister, Mr. A. Raja was arrested this week in the 2G spectrum allocation scam. In my opinion, It is just too little and too late. In fact the Congress government intention is not to clean up the system, but to make some political points.
The 2G spectrum investigations have been out in the open for more than 2 years now. If you go by the monetary loss incurred by the government, it is the biggest scandal in independent India. Initially the government denied there was a scam. The Supreme Court had to ask some tough questions to the government for it to take notice. Then some of the coalition partners were distancing them self from the government on this. With the winter session of Parliament completely hijacked over the issue, the government had to run for cover. Finally it got rid of its Minister as a concession for the opposition. The case handed over to CBI, and now the minister is finally arrested and has been remanded for further investigation.

With the arrest, the congress made two crucial steps forward politically without affecting its credibility.
1. It utilized the opportunity to prove to the people of India that it is serious on corruption.
2. It positioned itself to a good bargaining position, for any seat sharing agreement for the upcoming Tamil Nadu elections.
Those are clever moves from the Congress high command.

With multiple scams propping up in the past six months, the ruling party needed a chance to get its credibility back. The 2G spectrum scam refused to go away and became much publicized after shocking figures in CAG report to multiple crores with one estimating it to 1.76 lakh Crores. The whole CWG preparation were rigged, incompetent and caused a huge national embarrassment. Then it’s the Adarsh society scam, corruption nexus between politicians and top military officials, where the Congress was forced to let go one of its Chief Ministers. The corruption in society was taking center stage over politics for ordinary citizens.

The recent developments in the middle east, was one contributing factor for the government to react sooner. The three main contributing factors, to the recent revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt in the past month are rising food prices, high unemployment and political corruption. Just think about it, and you soon realize, the problems are common to India as well. The revolutions are having a domino effect, and is spreading to other middle eastern countries. The government of India realized this, and had to make a point. So it turned to its most easy target and found Mr.A.Raja out there. The arrest of Mr.Raja had created a perception that the Congress government is sincere to take action on its tainted set of ministers. If this was true, we should have seen the arrest of Mr. Suresh Kalmadi in CWG scam and Mr. Ashok Chavan in the Adarsh housing scam as well. The congress president Mrs. Sonia Gandhi and the Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh, have found a convenient target in Mr. A. Raja instead. This explains the Congress is not sincere in its approach. Politically Mr.Raja is not important either for the Congress or the DMK for that matter.

The seat sharing negotiations for the Tamil Nadu assembly polls have began, and the opposition to the DMK is well positioned. The AIADMK managed to unite the opposition and with inherent problems of inflation, it is going to be anti-incumbency election. With this political climate around, the DMK needs the congress more, than Congress needs the DMK. Moreover, what happens in Tamil Nadu is irrelevant to Congress high command in the center. Meaning they have nothing to lose, and they have seen political power being eroded in the state since the arrival of Dravidian parties in the 70s. So all the congress wants is a better bargain of seats. With the DMK on the back foot, with its point-man in Delhi arrested, it knows it has to part with more seats than it would like to, if it has to retain its ally. The DMK without the Congress will most likely be a white wash for the Party.

Once again in India, it is proved the Central Investigation Agency in the CBI is a tool of the government, and the rulers use it to their advantage at the right time for political mileage. The 2G scam should have been investigated long ago, and action taken against perpetrators. The Justice delivery system is flawed in the country, and this isn’t going anywhere. It is going to be pending among the crores of cases in the Indian courts. The tax-payer would never get the money back, nor the guilty be punished. It is just the Indian court tamasha that is going to unfold., and the media is going to have fun over it until the next sensation comes on board.

(Revolutions in the middle east : http://magicskies.blogspot.com/2011/02/revolutions-in-middle-east.html)

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  • it is a very slow process in India to stop that type of people like Mr. A Raja we should do for it. but ends well that all’s well so i am personaly satisfied with that investigation.thanks

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