Corruption problems – Delhi Lokayukta asks to remove Minister for interference

We would have seen enough movies and serials to know how the rich and powerful have the political class as protectors. So, when a major criminal is caught, there will be some politician who will either come to the police station, or phone up, and ask for release. If there is some economic crime, then […]

Finally the Congress Government agrees for a JPC, could have taken this action long time back

The whole winter session of Parliament was made useless over the controversy about getting a JPC in place for investigating the 2G scam. The Government was adamant over its refusal, making light of the efforts of the various opposition parties in demanding the JPC; the Prime Minister even claimed that he was ready to answer […]

Indian Government blocking access to Blogger sites ?

A lot of the recent upheavals that we have seen in countries around the world are coordinated through the internet, through social networking sites, primarily Facebook and Twitter. However, Blog posts form a significant form of expression which can change the behavior of people and spreads quickly (all it takes is for blog posts to […]