The CBI finally files a chargesheet in the Adarsh scam, names Ashok Chavan

For many months now, the Adarsh housing community scam has been hitting the headlines; with the rampant collusion between officials from the military, from Maharashtra politicians and from the officialdom creating a building where none should have come up, and increasing the number of floors much beyond what was originally approved (apparently to accommodate the number of flats required to be given to the various approvers). The people involved in the housing society were so confident that they were till recently mocking all reports that the building was in danger (and they would have been right, since most scams blow up for some time, and then die down). However, they had the misfortune of emerging into the limelight when there was already a widespread perception about the immense corruption scams that were emerging, with the 2G and the Commonwealth Games both causing the Congress huge perception issues. The Congress had to somehow show that it meant action, and taking action in the 2G scam is more difficult since there are perceptions about how many people are involved; so the Adarsh was a more straightforward action.
You can kick out a chief minister and there are many more who can take that place; and you also warn the departed politician not to rock the boat since things will die down after some time. Show some cursory words of investigation, find some poor soul who can be made the scapegoat and you are all set. However, the constant pressure due to the other scams and a media that has smelt blood (along with a more activist court system) has meant that things are not really dying down.

And then there was the perception issue – a chief minister had to take the fall, so why should some government babus get away scot free; this rivalry caused action against some of the officials involved (and hence some of the officials involved were made to resign their current jobs). Jairam Ramesh stated that he would want the building demolished since it violated coastal building regulations. But, the court also asked the CBI pointed questions about what happened about the criminal culpability in this whole case, whereby people passed the file and got flats; where was the required investigation ? Where was the FIR ? Where are the various officials and the politicians who should be charged with their acts of corruption ?
So, the CBI finally seems to have acted, and after some amount of questions about whether the previous chief minister would be charged, finally the CBI has also charged Ashok Chavan with involvement (given that three of his relatives had flats, it would have involved a lot of mockery if he was not charged) (link to article):

Days after it was pulled up by the Bombay High Court for the manner in which it had handled the preliminary enquiry into the Adarsh Housing Society scandal, the CBI today registered a complaint against former Chief Minister Ashok Chavan and 12 others “belonging to Army, DEO (Defence Estate Office), Government of Maharashtra, public servants and unknown persons”.
In a press release, the CBI said the agency registered a case related to Adarsh Cooperative Housing Society under various sections of IPC including criminal conspiracy, cheating, forgery and showing forged document as genuine besides sections pertaining to Prevention of Corruption Act.

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