CBI raids – after so many months, what to expect ?

For the past some weeks, we have been seeing the CBI becoming more active and more involved in raiding people and calling them for questioning. So, there have been raids on the various premises of people close to the DMK (including places related to the former telecom minister Raja), raids on establishments close to the lobbyist Niira Radia, and most recently, raids on establishments owned by or related to the CWG organizing committee head Suresh Kalmadi. All this gives the impression that the CBI is determined to root out corruption; something that the UPA Government must be trying to project (it has been bitterly criticized by the opposition parties and by the media for indulging in corruption of the highest degree). The media in fact seems to have smelt blood, and is exposing one corrupt item after another.
So, you hear accounts of the CBI raiding various premises of the former DMK minister Raja and this is seen as an example of the action taken by the Government. Yet, at the same time, it is now also pretty well known that the Government was stone-walling any action against Raja, it was only vigilant media and cases filed by other people that forced the Government to ask Raja to step down.

And the pressure by the Supreme Court was something that shredded the moral legitimacy of the Government. However, it was only many many months after the case was filed by the CBI that the investigating agency actually conducted raids on various people concerned. Now consider this, if you were under investigation and knew that you would be raided sometime, what would you do ? You would do your best to ensure that all evidence is either destroyed or concealed such that it would not be easy to find this information, and if you have many months in which to do this, all the better. And this is exactly what the CBI has done. After so long, after apparently giving enough time to the accused in many of these corruption cases, the investigating agency did their raids. And they have been rightly condemned for not taking this action early enough.
However, the damage that has been done to the reputation of the CBI is incredible; based on its various flip-flops which depend on the political impulses of the Government, the agency is getting to be more and more of a laughing stock, not an organization which is feared and respected. And it is the Government as well as the respective Directors of the agency who have caused this rot in the reputation of the agency.

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