Congress speaks out against corruption – what about the strictures against Vilasrao Deshmukh ?

The Congress is suffering a lot recently due to the recent series of controversies that have impacted the party – the primary scams that are in the public memory include the Common Wealth Games scam related to Suresh Kalmadi (as well as the other huge public spending that is supposed to have resulted in huge amounts of money getting diverted), the 2G Scam (where the former telecom minister Raja diverted huge sums of money by following practices that were not fair and which resulted in undue favors to a number of people), and the Adarsh Housing Committee which claimed a Chief Minister. In all these cases, the public is pretty sure that various members of the Government are responsible, and that the Congress party members have their hands in many of these scams. This has caused so much concern to the Congress, that it is visible on the backfoot, and is taking a number of steps to try and clear its name, not through letting loose investigators to find and prosecute all possible cases of corruption even if they involve party members, but through accusing other parties of similar activities and claiming again that the Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh is personally very clean and nobody should doubt him.
However, it seems that all these steps of the party will not so easily clean the stain that has soiled the feel good factor that the 2009 election win caused. For example, the personally clean Prime Minister has had a huge stain on his character, since all these controversies happened when he was the Prime Minister; he could have stopped Raja anytime, he could have taken a number of steps to stop the loot that happened under the guise of the preparation for the Commonwealth Games. Now the only defense he can take is to claim that he would be able to appear before the PAC of Parliament, but a JPC is still a no-no.

And another proof that the Congress campaign against corruption is just a drama is the strange case of Vilasrao Deshmukh, and his attempt to cause interference in the manner of criminal justice, that too in a case of moneylenders and farmers suicide, which is a very hot topic item. And in an unprecedented action, the Supreme Court has severely criticized the action of Vilasrao Deshmukh, yet the party does not see it fit to take any action and he remains an important Cabinet Minister (link to article):

The Supreme Court order on Tuesday is politically fraught as it goes against the Congress’s claim of cracking down on private moneylenders and working to improve farmers’ lot in the suicide bowl of Vidarbha. Besides Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s rejuvenation package for the region, Rahul Gandhi’s mention of Kalavati as the face of poverty set the tone for Congress claiming the “farmer-friendly” face in UPA-1. Deshmukh, approached for his comment, said, “I have asked for a copy of the SC order. I will speak only after reading it.”
Congress too maintained a studied silence on the issue on Wednesday but there was a growing sentiment for action. Leaders said that only “visible remedial measure” against the Union minister for heavy industries could check the political damage to Congress in the region infested with farmers’ suicides.

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  • Sudhir

    Most disgusting thing is that most of the newspapers and TV channels are keeping mum on this issue. Everybody makes so much noise when there are just allegations of corruption like 2g spectrum and commonwealth games. It is now well proven beyond doubt case of interference in criminal justice, that too in such a sensitive issue of farmers’ suicide. Why they are quiet? Why they dont they call congress spokes person to live discussion on TV and demand explanation? Why newspaper editors demnad resignation of Mr. Deshmukh? Why they dont ask explanation from PM and Mrs. Sonia Gandhi? WHY .. WHY..?

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