The drama regarding Raja trying to influence the High Court over a criminal case

Imagine you have a friend who is in a legal problem and is facing a court case and you feel that you can talk to the judge and make everything fine. Sounds laughable, isn’t it ? It is very easy to think that were you to try something like this, you could easily have a contempt of court charge laid on you and at the very minimum, have to face some sort of court action. Well, you would ideally like to think that justice is the same for everyone, no matter what their position and their status; realistically, you would know that it is a piece of fiction to think that the law is the same for everyone, no matter what their level. After all, for somebody who is a senior Government official or an important ruling party member or a minister, it is a widespread public belief that the same laws do not apply to them, and they can do what they want.
However, when you see this is in action, it seems scary. Many months ago, there was a controversy when a Madras High Court judge alleged that a lawyer tried to influence him in a criminal case by asking a minister to speak to him. The Judge claimed this in open court and also commented that he refused to take the call. For a few days, there was a huge controversy, but the name of the minister was never revealed, and the then Chief Justice of India (K G Balakrishnan) did not take this any further; and with this, the controversy also died down.

However, in a series of revelations that have come out now, the High Court Chief Judge H L Gokhale (who is now a judge in the Supreme Court) has claimed that he had revealed that it was the telecom minister (now having been forced to quit due to widespread pressure over the 2G scam) and this was there in a letter sent by the concerned judge Justice Reghupathi, which had been sent onto the then Chief Judge of India Balakrishnan. This is very embarrassing to everybody involved (less to the former minister Raja, who is anyhow in ridicule and under pressure because of the numerous revelations over the warped processes followed during the allocation of 2G spectrum, and who claims that he did nothing of the sort); the head of the Madras Bar Council, who allegedly tried to get the judge influence, has been removed from his post for a brief time and been criticized by the Court, and the most embarrassed should be the former CJI Balakrishnan.
He essentially claimed that he never did know the name of the minister who tried to influence the judge, and the recent revelations show that this was essentially untrue; now the CJI needs to clarify as to why he did not take the required action in terms of informing the Prime Minister about the actions of the Minister in trying to warp justice; justice demands this much atleast.

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