Congress gets rid of Ashok Chavan as Maharashtra Chief Minister, but corruption investigation ? ..

The Congress high command finally got rid of the lame-duck Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Ashok Chavan. Ever since the Adarsh Housing society scam came about and his role and involvement in the scam was revealed, and the effect of the corruption charges on the image of the Congress became clear, he was not going to remain in charge for long. His opponents also used the occasion to reveal a lot more details about what he has done, and then India Today came out with an article that essentially claimed that he used the Government to generate a total holding of Rs. 2000 crore plus. However, with the expected arrival of Barrack Obama, the Congress did not want to change the Chief Minister before he had left; as soon as Obama was out of the country, Ashok Chavan was removed as the Chief Minister of Maharashtra.

However, there is a big worry (more like a conviction) that with this action, the Congress will believe that the sacrifice will end the controversy and there is really no need to carry through a more investigation, and that over a period of time, people will forget about the issue and the whole controversy will blow over. One really hopes that in this case, there is a much more detailed investigation that reveals all those people who acted wrongly to get the society up and running and got the whole structure built on an edifice of wrongdoing and corruption. And about investigating the ill-gotten wealth of politicians, forget it. One must remember that only a few weeks back, it got revealed accidentally that Ashok Chavan had to cough up Rs. 2 crores for a rally to be addressed by Sonia Gandhi, and this would only have been a very small fraction of the overall money power he commands.

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  • Rajeev Ranjan Baisantry

    Removal of Ashok Chavan is an eye wash. He will be provided another space by his party If this party and the government has spine, it should examine all real estate development in Mumbai in the past five- ten years. And why of Mumbai alone. Commercial real estate development else where in particular in Delhi, Banglore,Pune and the state capitals should be put under scanner to ascertain the extent of involvement of bureaucrats, politicians, police, and municipal authorities which has resulted in coming up of ugly ,illegal and unsafe structures in gross violation of the legally laid down conditions/requirements.

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