Supreme Court takes up the question of the CVC P J Thomas

The post of the CVC (Chief Vigilance Commissioner) is a very critical post in terms of the fight against corruption. This is a post that forms critical oversight of the various actions of the executive, and is yet seen as independent of the control of the Government (unlike the other major investigating agency, the CBI, […]

Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh replaced, the Jagan effect ?

Andhra Pradesh has been a big state for the Congress party for the past many years, providing the party with a stable Government and also with a big chunk of Lok Sabha seats (that in turn have been a big factor in the Congress remaining in power in the center now for more than 6 […]

Bihar goes the governance way, thrashing the RJD and the Congress

For around 2 decades now, Bihar has seemed as the basket case of India, with a low level of development, a crisis of governance, a crippled law and order situation, and the lack of political will to make changes. When Laloo Prasad Yadav came to power, he was like an emergence of the downtrodden castes […]