Now that the Commonwealth Games are over, let the inspections begin

The disputes have already begun. Over the last several months, there have been a huge number of news reports about the corruption in the preparation for the Commonwealth Games, whether these by different agencies such as the CPWD (the cost of rebuilding the already constructed Nehru Stadium is Rs. 960 crore), PWD (roads and many other such constructions that flowed away at the rain), DDA (which left the building of the Commonwealth Games village to almost the last few days, and did not manage to complete the construction of flats in Vasant Kunj (meant for officials and others)), the Organizing Committee (which seemed to be bereft of many professionals, which left the awarding of contracts almost till the end so that it is believed that there would be no choice except to push contracts in a hurry), and most of all, the PMO (which recognized the importance of the CWG, but did not exercise the due amount of oversight to ensure that the games got done on time).
The media did an admirable job of uncovering many of the problems in the days and months leading upto the games, and then pointing out the problems once the event was over. During the actual running of the Games, the security was airtight, and it seemed that the Games were going on fine. However, it was also pretty clear than the intent of the Games committee was to ensure that the event was held, and there were no obvious procedural issues; however, the issue of involvement of the people was totally forgotten. So, when major events were held, tickets were not to be found, although the stands were close to empty for most of the events; tickets that were ordered online were hard to actually convert into actual tickets that allowed entries into the events, and so on. And of course, let us not even talk about some of the initial promises.

Even a well run operation such as the Delhi Metro was not able to get the Airport Metro line running (that too, because of a major problem, non-clearance of safety inspections); and then one can remember the initial promises such as the talk about building a major water-front along the Yamuna that people could be proud of (and this was totally defeated by a rampaging Yamuna, which caused huge worried about whether the event would be washed out by the flooding Yamuna – and of course the Commonwealth Games village was built on a area that was technically the river bed).
The Prime Minister has promised that a major investigation will bring all the accused to brink, realizing that the mood of the population believes that a huge amount of corruption happened in the event, and one would almost believe him. A committee has been announced, but there are some ground of cynicism. Already, there are some disagreements between the numerous agencies that are involved in the investigation, such as the Income Tax jumping the gun and conducting raids even when the Central Vigilance Commission and the CBI is involved. One fears that there will be numerous leaks over the next few weeks and months, and slowly, as the public mood forgets all this, the investigation will slowly come to a stop. After all, most of the people involved are from the Congress, and it is hard to bite ones own hand; the mood is that with the various Congress folks having made money, why would they want to reveal everything ?

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  • Dev

    It’s a big shame for India; we have lots of resources to do it even though we failed to organize such a big event because of corruption. Small countries are successfully organize such a big event

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