The wait for the BJP in Karnataka becomes more tense – the Governor steps in

The situation for the BJP in Karnataka has suddenly become more tense. One day before the trial of strength in the assembly, the BJP is not really sure whether they will make it. A small section of the dissidents (including the ring-leader) have been persuaded to back the Government, but a number of dissident MLA’s are running away from the BJP (and in a comical touch, are being safe-guarded by the neighbouring Congress Governments of Maharashtra and Goa and hacked by BJP workers in these states). The previous JDS Chief Minister, Kumaraswamy, sees a way to get the BJP Government out and is giving his whole hearted support to these dissidents. The BJP high command in turn had sent in a number of negotiators to get the dissidents back to the BJP, given that the state is the only state in the south that is ruled by the BJP (in fact the only state that has a sizable BJP political influence).
The BJP Government has been having an ongoing tussle with the Governor, who is really becoming more active that most Governors. Most states have issues with Governors where the Chief Minister is from a different party, and in Karnataka, the conflict is even stronger, with the Governor having issues several advices earlier to the Chief Minister, none of which was appreciated. And now, in the midst of the current controversy where the BJP was considering getting some of the MLA’s disqualified due to anti-party activity, the Governor has stepped in and planted himself firmly in the middle. He sent off a letter to the BJP origin speaker that there cannot be any attempt to disqualify any MLA, and that all members have a right to vote in the assembly. This is when the BJP was counting on the threat of disqualification to turn the MLA’s back to the BJP fold, and was also getting BJP workers in the assembly constituencies of the rebels to get them to return to the party fold.

The assembly activities of the 11th of October will be real interesting, with the status of the BJP Government now on tenterhooks. It is very much possible that the speaker may still go ahead and take action against the diktat of the Governor, since the speaker also claims to be a constitutional authority with his own independence.

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