Now that the Commonwealth Games are over, let the inspections begin

The disputes have already begun. Over the last several months, there have been a huge number of news reports about the corruption in the preparation for the Commonwealth Games, whether these by different agencies such as the CPWD (the cost of rebuilding the already constructed Nehru Stadium is Rs. 960 crore), PWD (roads and many […]

The drama continues in Karnataka, Governor seems to lose support

The heading of this article seems to suggest that the Governor is the primary villain of the piece, but that is not entirely true. The Governor of the state of Karnataka, H R Bhardwaj, has behaved in a most inappropriate manner; over the past many months, he would comment on the internal state of the […]

The wait for the BJP in Karnataka becomes more tense – the Governor steps in

The situation for the BJP in Karnataka has suddenly become more tense. One day before the trial of strength in the assembly, the BJP is not really sure whether they will make it. A small section of the dissidents (including the ring-leader) have been persuaded to back the Government, but a number of dissident MLA’s […]