Government bracing for trouble with the judgment in the Babri Masjid – Ram Janmabhoomi case due on the 24th of September

The Government is apprehensive of trouble on a large scale after the impending judgment by the Allahabad High Court on the Ayodhya dispute, to be delivered on the 24th of September. The dispute at Ayodhya is one of the most emotional issues that has shaken the country for a long time. The case has been pending for 60 years now, a huge time for a case of such significance to have remained pending. The dispute was raised soon after Independence, with idols being placed by some people at the site of the Babri Masjid, and that was when a court case was lodged. Ever since then, there was status quo, which was shaken when the Rajiv Gandhi government ordered the opening of the gates, and then a shilanayas of a proposed temple was allowed to happen in 1986. Combined with the regressive nature of the Government action in the Shah Bano case, the emotional appeal was ripe for politicization, and it led to a huge increase in the votes of the BJP.
Soon after, the BJP played a part in the organization of a movement towards the Ram Janmabhoomi site (the site where the Babri Masjid was apparently built under the rule of Babar, by destroying a temple that stood at the site, as a commemoration of the birth of Lord Ram at that exact site). However, what exactly happened, whether it was a conspiracy or an act by a passionate mob is still under investigation, but the effect was that in a matter of a few hours, a mob destroyed the more than 4 century old structure, and dealt a huge body blow to the law and order situation in the country. There were riots in many parts of the country, there was a police firing, and so on. More than a thousand people died in the violence, and it also led to the sacking of the BJP Governments in all the states that they were in power.

The main issue was never really resolved, which is whether there was a temple that was located below the mosque ? This is something that the court is expected to rule on, although how easy it is to rule on something that happened almost 5 centuries before remains a question mark. Further, there are a lot of events that have happened in history, and it is difficult to try and overturn all such events. At the same time, this is an issue that has an emotional appeal to a huge number of Hindus (although there is an equally large number that could not care whether there is a mosque or temple on the site). Also, to re-build a mosque over there is something that cannot happen, the political pressures and impact would be too high.
The Government would prefer that such a time never comes to pass, and that such a judgment never happens. There is a huge amount of security infrastructure that the Government is now putting in place in order to counter whatever happens after the judgment; it is also clear that whatever happens with regard to the judgment, it will be appealed in the Supreme Court and that will take a number of years before it will be decided once and for all. It is far easier for the Government to tide out the immediate impact of the judgment and wait for the case to go before the Supreme Court. The ideal case would be for the Government to hold a series of secret as well as open discussions in order to try and get the various parties to come to some sort of agreement, but that has a political cost, and one doubts whether the Government would do something like this.

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    BABARI DEMOLITION is not just an issue of mosk or temple but its more than that. ram mandir , ramjanmabhumi, ramllala,ramsetu,ramkatha even ramjethamalani are very common words to gujarati people . we are very sensitive people to accept any type of religious leader or religious cause without checking its aftermath.we gujaratis are very eager and keen to worship individual humanbeing in BHAGAVA colours. Some astonishing religious movement took place in gujarat and got popularity worldwide.Swaminarayan sampraday ,Swadhyay parivar,Baba Ramdev,or any other baba gets tremendous crowd of disciple in gujarat. Babri became jeruslem -temple of india an example of Hindu-Muslim cultural conflict

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