New developments in Jharkand – the BJP and Soren make up

In a reminder of how politics works in the country, 2 political entities that bitterly broke up with each other over 3 months ago are now announcing that they are back together with each other, with the public statements that this is for the good of the people. What has happened in Jharkand ? Well, a few months back, when the Congress Government in the center went in for a show of support, Shibu Soren voted for the Congress even though he had an alliance with the BJP in the state of Jharkand. The BJP did not like this move by Soren, and withdrew support from the Govenment, leading to the Jharkand Mukti Morcha Government getting in a minority. For political reasons, the Congress did not want to support Soren either, since he is a maverick politician, who really cannot be trusted as an ally. Soren’s son did not want this Government to go and proposed an agreement in which the BJP got the post of the Chief Minister, and the JMM provided support. However, the JMM really did not move ahead on this agreement and did not provide the necessary support when it was required; the BJP, after some loss of political face, finally withdrew support and the JMM Government fell; with the state assembly being under suspended animation, and President’s rule being declared in the state.

When a state comes under President’s rule, it is typically seen as a rule by members of the political party in power at the center, in this case the Congress, and hence, all the power and influence in Jharkand would have come to the Congress members, Further, as both the JMM and BJP legislators have received, they no longer had much influence, and in a state rich with natural resources, the amount of money and influence involved is very heavy. So, they could no longer stand being away from power and have come decided that it is in the best interests of all of them to come back to power. The end agreement is that the MLA’s declared that they were ready to form a Government and paraded in front of the Governor with the numbers. So, in a scene of pure politics, Jharkand will get a Government again, away from the President’s rule that is currently there.
This is not from a belief that the people of the state need a Government, but more because they need to believe in their own interests.

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