Saffron Terror – Chidambaram jumped into some controversy

Union Home Minister P Chidambaram has jumped right into a controversy by mentioning “Saffron Terror” in one of his speeches. While addressing a meeting of state IGS and IGPs on Wednesday, Chidambram has cautioned against the cross-border terrorism as well as the Saffron Terrorism. The Home Minister admitted that saffron terror is a new phenomenon and threat that security agencies should be aware of. His point was in the light of recent arrest of people affiliated to Sangh Parivar in several terror blasts including Ajmer Dargah, Malegaon and Mecca Masjid. Soon to jump in to score some political points was RJD spokesman and lawyer Shakeel Ahmed who used the same term and in turn criticized the Congress led government of giving patronage to the saffron brigade. The criticism of P Chidambram and Rashtriya Janta Dal Spokesman came pouring in from all corners with even the congress in no mood to take the side of its Union Minister.
Both Bhartiya Janta Party and Shiv Sena were quick to lash onto the opportunity with executive president of the latter demanding the resignation of the home minister. The Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh who addressed the same audience next day chose to skip the term. The issue rocked the proceedings of Rajya Sabhha on Friday. Slogan like “Hinduon ka apman nahin chalega” thronged the house. The matters were not helped by Lok Janashakti Party leader Ram Vilas Paswan as he made reference to RSS’ association with terrorism which led to the adjournment of the house for the day.

The bigger picture here is that it was a controversy that could very well have been avoided. The statement would have come as a surprise to the Congress as they have been maintaining that terrorism has no religion or color. It would have been more surprising as it came from the mouth of a senior and respected leader like P Chidambaram. Associating terrorism to any religion is a strict no-no for nay national party in present day politics. The congress has been refraining from using terms like Islamic Terrorism but now they have been dragged into the controversy because of the remark given by their own senior party leader. Saffron is associated with the history of independence; it is associated with our mythology. Most importantly no color represents a community, a group, for that matter the politics of the country. Considering the past records of the Congress high command in dealing with people such as Arjun Singh and Shashi Tharoor, the future of the Union Home Minister seems to be a bit dull; but the credentials of P Chidambaram and his skills in dealing with all the other national issues cannot be neglected. It remains to be seen if this will be another case of an exit of a Union Minister whose verbal remarks have created a furor or will Madam Sonia Gandhi give a warning to The Home Minister and give him another chance.
And this is not to say that the Home Minister was too far away from reality. As per investigations, it seems clear that there has been a violent backlash to the kind of terrorism undertaken by people who believe in a radical version of Islam, and the backlash has resulted in some hardline Hindu forces also getting involved in terrorism. It has been the statement of this blog for quite some time that terror needs to be routed out, whether it be terror mounted by Sikh fundamentalists, by Islamic warriors, or by hardline Hindu terrorists. In all such cases, the Government needs to ensure that such terror attempts are thwarted, irrespective of any politics around this.

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  • Ajeet Rakhecha

    I am agree with this blog & we should really avoid these statement because finally if some people are linked with this activities than why should we attach these words with religion or a particular group????????????????????

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