The Uncommonness of 2010 Commonwealth Games

With less than two months left for the nineteenth Commonwealth Games to be held in the Indian capital city of Delhi, the games are now the most talked about topic in India. Even politicians are not missing out on scoring some points and getting some publicity through it. And the poor organizing committee is bearing the brunt of all of it. Did I call the organizing committee poor!!!!!!! Yes, it’s a 28,054 crore poor committee. These are the most expensive commonwealth games ever beating the previous Melbourne edition of the games by US $ 0.5 billion.
Looking at the facilities offered by Delhi we have to look at two distinct things here: one is infrastructure facility and the other is sporting facilities. The injury of diver Priyanka Banarjee at the newly inaugurated Shayama Prasad Mukherjee swimming complex which should have come in as a red flag to the organizing team and being downplayed by them calling it a hype created by the media. We have seen stadium roof come off, half an hour of rain creating seepages and continuous traffic jams due to rains. The foreign media has already issued guidelines to their citizens telling them to expect half dug up city. “The Indian mess has destroyed any proposed Olympic bid before one has even been launched,” said London based Daily Telegraph, in an article last week. The Delhi government has itself raised concerns over the hygiene standard for eateries. The slow bookings for Hotels and Guest houses do not come as a surprise. In fact there are more booking for people going out of Delhi during the games than in the city. Since the Delhi government has directed schools, colleges and government offices to shut down during the games to free up resources it offers a perfect vacation time for Delhiites.

We have to consider that it is not fair to hold the organizing committee solely responsible for the current mess of the games. The construction of the games village was held up for a long time because of the stay orders imposed by the Delhi High court in response to a PIL filed by some environmentalists who deemed the land as ecologically fragile. It was only after The Supreme court overturned these stay orders could the construction be resumed. The organizing committee claims that although the games bid was won by India in 2003 but the charge for the games was given to the committee only in 2007.
All said and done there is a lot more uncommonness still to be associated with the 2010 Commonwealth games and as the games draw closer more and more controversies are going to be linked up with the games. As I write this article I hear the organization committee being accused of racism with experts from Malaysia being treated as second class citizens as compared to the experts from Australia, New Zealand , England and Canada. All we can hope is that the “Great Indian Jugaad” falls into place at the last moment and the games become a feather in the cap of THE REPUBLIC OF INDIA.

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  • Kalmadi and company has tarnished India’s credentials to
    conduct and host an international sports meet.with over a billion people Indian sportsmen do not perform creditably in international arena because of such sports administrators.

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