Handling the diktats of the illegal khaps in a legal manner, hope this does not go to a committee

For some time now, India has been plagued by the case of more and more intolerance in society, especially when it comes to a clash between the desires of the younger generation and the apparent social mores of the generation. For many years, Indians used to read about honour killings happening in Islamic countries, and wonder at how a society could do something like this, after all, Indian society was more tolerant and adjusting. Well, now no one ever makes such a claim. There have been a huge number of cases in the recent past where young people have been oppressed just because they dared to take steps that were not liked by a section of society. People have been classified as outcasts by the village, have been ordered to be punished because they married either somebody whom society considered to be someone whom they could not touch (for example, a girl of the same village is deemed a sister; marriage between different castes is a definite no-no, and so on). People have been tortured to death, have been hung, beaten to death, thrown in canals, and so on.
This is mostly a North Indian concept, with its concentration in the villages of Haryana, Punjab, and Uttar Pradesh, but cases have been seen even in Delhi (where the brothers of a girl killed her and her husband), and in other states as well (as well as in Indians settled abroad). And a lot of these cases have been spear-headed by gatherings of community elders (all male), who call themselves khap panchayats, and sanction such punishments as part of their version of justice. Now, as per the Indian law, none of this should exist. No system outside the judiciary can give punishments, policemen are supposed to protect people (even from village elders), and yet the reverse keeps on happening. In many cases, police either did not give protection or played a part in protecting the perpetrators.

Under the Indian system, it should be fairly easy to punish these panchayats, given that they are actually guilty of abetting in murder; however, there is the politics that comes into play. When a young politician such as Naveen Jindal turns spineless in the face of such decisions and worried about the loss in terms of political terms if these khap panchayats are opposed, you know that the entire system will buckle down.
However, the spate of press reports over the past many months seems to be pushing the Government towards taking some action. Some initial steps towards passing some quick steps to handle the issue through changes in the law was turned down since it came up against the other problem – if you give too many powers to the police, you end up increasing the scope for misuse heavily. So, now the Government will send the matter to a ministerial committee, which going by past trends, means that the issue may not be solved for a long time, and in the meantime, seeing how there is no action, caste panchayats are likely to grow more aggressive, more violent.

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