Delhi Government forced to reduce the VAT on diesel, after finding that people voted with their feet

Sometimes, Governments get feedback from the citizens in ways that they cannot anticipate. One example was seen in the recent issue about the VAT rates on diesel, implemented by the Delhi Government. The Commonwealth Games to be hosted by Delhi in October is sucking in more money that anticipated, and with delays, especially for the […]

Handling the diktats of the illegal khaps in a legal manner, hope this does not go to a committee

For some time now, India has been plagued by the case of more and more intolerance in society, especially when it comes to a clash between the desires of the younger generation and the apparent social mores of the generation. For many years, Indians used to read about honour killings happening in Islamic countries, and […]

The clash in Andhra Pradesh between the Congress command structure and Jaganmohan Reddy

Even a couple of months back, who would have visualized that the situation in Andhra Pradesh would come to this. In the Congress, the High Command (leading upto the Gandhi family in New Delhi) is the supreme, and there is absolutely no chance for anyone to oppose their decisions (or even hint at defiance of […]