Will demand for diesel cards reduce if price of diesel increases ?

The Government went in for a partial decontrol of the prices of fuels, with giving a full decontrol of the price of petrol (and promising that future prices will be linked to international prices of crude); the prices for diesel have not been fully decontrolled, and the prices for cooking gas and kerosene have been […]

The Bhopal Gas Tragedy – Maybe something good will come out of all this, all the political discussion

The Bhopal Gas Tragedy has been one of the worst incidents in the history of India, right up there with the unpunished anti-Sikh riots of 1984, and the Gujarat anti-Muslim riots of 2002. The gas attack, in the dead night of early December 1984, had a personal connection for me. My dad had been in […]

Fuel rates and the abandonment of populism to some degree by the Indian Government, but will this last

Finally, the Government seems to have taken a decision to move away from populism. The Government is drunk on the money that it earns from fuel, since it needs to provide funds for all the social welfare programs that it has launched, so there is no question of a reduction in fuel duty and excise […]