Exposing Indian Maoists : Part – 1

( Let me make one thing clear…..the objective of writing this article is not defending any activity of Indian govt, but to focus on Indian Maoists. They are largely potrayed as a group fighting for the legitimate rights of Adivashis. But here I discussed some unknown, or atleast less-known aspects of Maoist movement in India. Most informations are gathered from publiocations & statements made by Maoists themselves )

Two conceptions regarding Indian Maoists are quite popular – 1) It’s an adivashi movement, 2) There main concern of Maoists is protecting the rights of adivashis.

Well, both are partially-true. While it’s true that Maoists are most active in adivashi belt & most of the members are adivashis, the top Maoist leaders are mostly not adivashis. Ganapthi, Kishenji, Bimal, Azad , Kobad Ghandy,Telegu Deepak, Anand………none of them are adivashi, but quite educated people, & mainly a result of Naxalite political movements in ‘70s & ‘80s.
In various instances, Maoists have expressed their objective to establish a People’s Democratic Republic in India. See what Kishenji have said in an interview with Tusha Mittal from Tehelka

“Q : What is your larger long-term vision? Outline three tangible goals.
A : The first is to gain political power, to establish new democracy, socialism and then communism…………”
Besides they they have extended support to LTTE & justified their demand of a separate Tamil Elam, supported various separatist movements in India, support the movements for separate states, & take an uncannily soft stand towards Islamic terrorism.

First, let me start with Maoists’ view on various secessionist movements within India. Following examples might make it clear :
1) Joint Declaration Between the CPI (Maoist) and the Revolutionary People’s Front on (armed wing of PLA, Manipur) 22nd October 2008
[From People’s Truth bulletin, , Jan.-March 2009.]

“ The CPI (Maoist) strongly condemned the annexation of Manipur by the Dominion of India, which was done under the instigation of reactionary Indian Congress led by Gandhi, Nehru and Sardar Patel and their hegemonic and colonial designed. The so-called Merger Agreement of Manipur with the Dominion of India was, indeed, illegal and unconstitutional…………… Revolutionary People’s Front stands and supports the revolutionary movement of the CPI (Maoist) as well…………………………
Joint Declaration:
1. That, both sides will honour and support the Sovereignty of the two countries (the Sovereignty of India and the sovereignty of Manipur).
2. That, both sides will extend full morale and political support to each other in the liberation struggles to overthrow the common enemy, the Indian reactionary and oppressive regime, respectively.
3. That, both sides deem to recognize and honour the historically endorsed territorial integrity of the two countries viz. Manipur and India.
……………………… “
Very recently RPF mafe appeal to non-Manipuris to join the Maoists.
2) “ULFA should trust us”
Exclusive Interview with Kishenji
By Sarbari Bhaumik ( from The Week January 17, 2010 Edition)

But your party has also supported separatism. The CPI (Maoist) has an agreement with the People’s Liberation Army of Manipur. Your party supports the Manipuris’ right to self-determination.
That is not supporting separation! The people of the northeast and Kashmir have a right to self-determination and we wholeheartedly support their struggle for it. Theirs is a just demand and we want to tell them that the struggling poor of India are with them in their fight against the exploitative Indian state.
But self-determination only means that they can decide if they want to stay in India or become independent. We are against India imposing itself on these people who have developed independently for a long time. Our understanding with the Revolutionary People’s Front of Manipur [PLA is its military wing] is based on our recognition of Manipur’s right to self-determination and their commitment not to attack the Indian proletariat. That is the first step towards a revolutionary front of the struggling people of India and of Manipur.
ULFA [United Liberation Front of Assam] attacks poor Biharis in Assam, despite your talking to them.
We unconditionally support ULFA’s struggle for self-determination in Assam. We only want them to stop attacking the Indian proletariat. We will continue to engage with ULFA on this issue. “
(seems quite conflicting statement to me, for the word ‘unconditional’ ! What does that mean ? They want ULFA to stop attacking non-Assamese. But if ULFA deny to stop it, even then Maoists will support them ?)
Have you ever discussed these issues with Barua? He is the one who orders attacks on Biharis in Assam, isn’t he?
We have engaged with him. I met him under the party name of Pradip, that is my identity for him. He does not know me as Koteswara Rao or Kishenji. I wish to speak to him again. I sincerely want ULFA, the PLA and other such groups fighting for separate homelands or for self-determination to fight the exploitative Indian state alongside us.”

3) Azad, Spokesperson, Central Committee, CPI (Maoist)
In an exclusive interview to The Hindu

“ We consider national liberation organizations like the NSCN, ULFA, PLA of
Manipur, and the JKLF in Kashmir as part of the wider democratic forces fighting
the Indian state……….the non-parliamentary organizations that are fighting for demands like separate Telangana, Gorkhaland, Vidarbha, Bundelkhand and so on;……….. “

4) From Maoist Information Bulletin – Jan 22, 2010
“ Press Release: 12 December 2009

Right to separate statehood is a democratic aspiration of every region that is subjected to prolonged discrimination and oppression!
Support the just and democratic demands of the people of Telangana, Gorkhaland, Bodoland, Vidarbha, Bundelkhand, Maru Pradesh and others! ”

5) An interview with Ganapathy by Jan Myrdal and Gautam Navlakha(from PUDR), January 2010

“ People of North Eastern oppressed nationalities and Kashmiri are fighting for their liberation from decades……………There is a new hope that if the Maoist revolution advances, it will hasten the national liberation struggles also. In this context, in accordance with MLM (Marxism Leninism and Maoism) the Party had always maintained the position of the right to self-determination including secession of all oppressed nationalities.

Well, I’m not an expert in Marxism Leninism and Maoism, but I can tell what happened in reality. No Communist nation, be it Soviet Union,China,Yugoslavia,Czechoslovakia,Ethiopia………….have ever accepted secession as an option for ‘self-determination’. They’ve tried to stop secession as long they had power. The Maoist counterparts in Nepal not only strongly oppose a separate nation for Madhesi people, but their stand even on autonomy has changed time-by-time. And let’s not forget, China send troops to acceded both Xinjiang(East Turkistan) & Tibet, & the leader of China then was – Mao Tse-Tung himself !
So, why does Indian Maoists have different opinion ? The answer must be found !

In next part, I’ll discuss the Maoist point-of-view on Islamic, & side-by-side, Hindu radicalism.

3 comments to Exposing Indian Maoists : Part – 1

  • Arshad Ullah

    I agree with your comments and the state of the Maoist movement in India. I think they are bunch of intellectuals who do not see reality as it and is struggling to find their voice in a violent way. Even China has given up the way of the great Mao. The best way to stem separatist movements is by economic development and China and others have learnt that lesson. If the Maoist movement want to redefine themselves as anti-globalization they should do so thru other means, not by upholding separatist agendas. They harm themselves by doing so and the people that they claim to represent. The Maoist movement has lost it’s soul and its intellectual capital, and is breathing a last gasp before extinction. They do not care that in the process they are taking hundreds and thousands of innocent lives. Che is dead and the world has moved on. The revolution is different now.


  • well, first we have to differentiate naxalites from maoists. Naxalism is the movement for the land reforms where maoism is to overthrow the state. One thing these maoists dont understand for that matter…the so called intellectuals for that matter is …in the name equality and economic justice they are inviting dictatorship …of course they call it proletariat dictatorship…as Mikhail Bakunin quoted ” When the people are being beaten with a stick, they are not much happier if it is called “the People’s Stick.”

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