Jaya Bachchan and Amar Singh: The distances that politics brings between people who used to be close friends once

Indian politics is famous for bringing together people who were on the opposite ends of the scale at one point of time, and separating those who used to be counted as close friends. We already see this day in and day out, however, this does become more challenging when you see this happening in the […]

Exposing Indian Maoists : Part – 1

( Let me make one thing clear…..the objective of writing this article is not defending any activity of Indian govt, but to focus on Indian Maoists. They are largely potrayed as a group fighting for the legitimate rights of Adivashis. But here I discussed some unknown, or atleast less-known aspects of Maoist movement in India. […]

Finally an agreement in Jharkand, after 3 weeks of turmoil about who will be the Chief Minister

Who would have thought that Shibu Soren could have caused such a huge amount of political turmoil, and plunged the politics of Jharkand into a minefield where everything seemed to be have become unsettled. Shibu Soren was the Chief Minister of Jharkand, as a part of a coalition where the BJP supported the JMM in […]