Delhi waiting for the Commonwealth Games to begin; will atleast stop some of the frenzied construction

The Commonwealth Games is one of the largest sporting events to hit Delhi for a long time, maybe being the biggest event after the Asian Games in 1982. Getting the games here was a major event for Delhi, something that was hard fought. Countries fight for the privilege, since it adds to the prestige of the host city and country, brings in a large number of tourists, and is supposed to bring an economic boost to the country (however, the Olympics have not really done a boost in a number of prior cases, and caused a loss in some specific examples (if you include specific problems such as high cost of security, cost of revamping infrastructure).

But for a lot of people in Delhi, the anticipation of the forthcoming games is to ensure that they happen on time, and get over, with the expectation that things will come back to normal after that. Right now, if you look at a large number of places in Delhi, they are under some form of construction or the other. Some parts like the extension of the Metro is not linked to the Games as such, but a lot of the other sections such as beautification of roads and pavements, the widening of roads and flyovers, the construction of new roads and flyovers, etc are really causing a huge problem in Delhi.

People do recognize that when everything is over and the dust settles down (and this is not a matter of speaking, the construction has caused a lot of dust and the areas where construction is happening could well be termed as a health hazard). Imagine driving in these areas, and seeing lower visibility because of a large amount of dust in the air (not to mention the attendant problems if you have some kind of lung problems or asthma).

Unfortunately I live in an area where the amount of construction ongoing is pretty intense, and although people are happy at the long term effects of the construction on property values, they are really distressed about many of the short term problems. Besides what I mentioned above, the construction has also caused a lot of the traffic lights to go on the blink, causing traffic jams to happen much more frequently.

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  • Yes, you are very much right. I live in Fridabad and daily commute to Delhi via badarpur border. There is a lot of traffic and dust on the roads and it’s a hellish feeling. You can’t do anything except cursing yourself and the government. India needs a massive overhaul.

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