Lalit Modi, and how the IPL issue is blowing into a Congress-NCP issue

It seemed like a small issue, and initially, we could not believe it. How can Lalit Modi, who otherwise seemed such a successful organizer (and would have had to overcome so many obstacles including people trying to take his position) find himself in such a position. And the more so with Shashi Tharoor, who had been a diplomat for so long that one would have thought that he could make his way out of any sticky position (as he had done so earlier with his many comments on Twitter).
And yet both of them found themselves in a conflict, and both turned out to be losers. Shashi Tharoor was clearly trying to take some financial advantage by using his good offices to get many of the buyers of the Kochi IPL team together; in itself, this was not something new (one would think that most politicians use all opportunities to make money). What seemed to be clear was that he did not know the ways in which to do this in a way that provides deniability. Further, so far, IPL seemed to be a non-controversial event for the media, and now that they saw a good juicy controversy, they jumped into this issue with full gusto and started digging to get more details.
One of the interesting subplots to emerge from all this has been the issue around Sharad Pawar. Even though he is a Minister in the Congress Government, the Congress has no love lost for him, and would use whatever opportunity they could find to cut him down to size. This latest controversy seems to be giving the Congress a way to target not only Pawar, but the NCP as well. Right now, we are hearing about how there are reports implicating the son-in-law of Sharad Pawar, as well as another minister of the NCP, the Civil Aviation Minister.
Lalit Modi on the other hand is not going down as easily as some would have liked. He is refusing to attend the special session called to throw him out, and even questioning the special session. And given that he would have so many secrets, it is not so easy to consider that he will go away easily; even more so since you consider that such a move out will leave him with no further authority.

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    Before going further I want to make some submissions regarding my views – these are my personal view and I have complete freedom to express these view as my constitution provide me these right under article – 19 freedom to speech, further anybody has right to be dissented or consented with my views you are free to do , after reading this you may find that I am pro B*P or or THA*UR or con of c*ngress or Rah** ‘BABA’, though you are free to think so because you are living in a highly free country where even terrorist are welcomed or naxalites are having a great supports by our highly intellectual politicians no matter they don’t want to solve their problems.
    Today( 24/4/10) I just come back from my mess while watching news over N*TV and CNN channel where they were very confidently making allegations of match fixings and were trying to kill IPL rather then L*lit M*DI or P*war or TH*RUR , so its very much obvious I am talking about IPL as India’s only global brand which is trying to be killed by many people knowingly or unknowingly , intentionally or without any motif.
    Before going further it may be very lengthy article so I think it will be better to divide this in few topics which need to be know ( what I get from various sources)-
    • History of cricket boards in India.
    • Role of different people and parties in this controversy from IPL kochin bidding to recent allegation of match fixing in IPL.
    • Role of C*NGRESS and what were their motifs , what they achieve – Role of R*HUL G*NDHI, Role of Manm*han (our Prime minister (?really ? stamp?)) , role of Pranab and PC, Ashok gehlot ( CM raj)
    • Role of Sh*rad p*nwar and Pr*ful p*tel
    • Role of B*J leadres – Advani, V*sundhara raje, narendra M*ODI , Ar*n Jaitely
    • Role of MEDIA( or rather say- DHRITRASTRA OF MODERN India)
    History – English came to India and bring cricket with them but their sole purpose was to entertain and that time princes and elite class join them and that take a well establish form of cricket control board and they genuinely wanted to develop cricket so at that time lot of cricket association and clubs came into existence , we have lot of examples like – MCC, CCI etc. So earlier controller were really cricket lovers and players them selves.
    After this India got freedom and ex-rules control cricket in India for their entertainment like Dungarpur, Ranji , dulip ji etc. but their intention was not malafide.
    In late seventies a new kind of people entered into cricket control board who were businessmen and have dual intention of entertainment as well their business purposes.
    Gradually a pure business class with semi politicians entered into cricket control after victory of 1983 world cup because of cricket turned into religion in India and their sharp mind predict a plenty of money in this game and this structure continued until in each state cricket associations were hijacked by ultimate pirates ( sharps- polit.) and they gradually outdo those business men (Dalmia) with help of politicians ( Sonia , lalit M*ODI helped to sworn P*war) because our politicians thinks that they have first right everywhere where is any chance of creame same as in hindu religion Lord Ganesha has first right on food. And we can predict the future what happened with our country in the hand of these politicians will be same with cricket( oh god please save our country as well other sports- AMEN).
    Now there is another debate over usefulness of cricket for the country but I don’t understand that people who don’t like cricket why they have concern with IPL row and people who have concern they know that IPL is turning a global brand and they have no complain with this game.
    Roles of ROLE MODELS-
    C*NGRESS, Madame, SH*SHI TH*RUR, R*hUl baba, PC , P Mukharji and PM-
    R*hUl baba became a hero for hardcore loyal people to C*NGRESS and they want this name to shine till 2014 so that they can formally appoint him as PM of this country (with stamp and sign also) as he has lot of traits and eligibility to be a prime minister like- He is a G*NDHI, he is handsome, he eat food with DALIT’s , he play with their child, he travel with economy class with near five hundred police personnel in three compartments and he wear a round shape SPECT and kurta payjama ( essentials for a politician).
    But when he call for youth in C*NGRESS and a lot of eligible youth came in party and here a problem came into existence because those youth were highly eligible and were not G*NDHIs like- TH*RUR, Scindia, Prasad, Deora, Jindal, Pilot, Mirdha etc. and their popularity was crossing the limit but the concept of conservation applied here also as it is zero sum game so that popularity cut the popularity of BABA and this was not tolerable for Loyals so this party started handling with these people by many modes like many of these were given state ministry where they have very less exposure and very less public attention, in most of the public attention catching programs these young leaders are not allowed to participated though whenever these leaders speaks in parliament the difference between standard of their thinking and our BABA’s thought comes out but we all know Indian public don’t see parliamentary debate because mostly there is only hue and cry not a fruitful debate. But whenever our BABA speaks our legendry news anchors made him hero and compare him with Obama or his father( but I don’t think was a politician) and declare him as future prime minister and hero of youth.
    But SH*SHI TH*RUR was different he was not only smart but was very talented and won a very important parliament seat for C*NGRESS . His literature always fascinated to youth and his work in UN was very admired and his thoughts were excellent besides he is very hi-tech and young Indians likes him very much but he has to pay for and he paid as C*NGRESS want to get rid of him because he was crossing the popularity among young Indians which was adversely affecting our BABA so C*NGRESS need some excuses and they get easily as his politics was of international level where hypocrites are not welcomed but my friend it is India and he has to pay and he paid . C*NGRESS use its own people to get rid of him , they continuously criticize him for his tweet remarks like spokesperson- TIWARI JI I don’t know how that kind of people are in politics what happened to Indian public perhaps NREGA’s money has corrupted their minds before voting.
    SH*SHI TH*RUR paid for not being an Indian kind of politicians where hypocrites are allowed you have to wear a turban of choice of MADAME or to wear round shape serious look spects or G*NDHI topi or say jay —-madam rather than jai bharat then you can get succeed , you have to pay your thumb If you are EKLAVYA but he wasnot aware if he were he would have make a scam of Billions of rupees and would have easily get rid of by giving some percentage of share to greedy dogs. Beside this he was going to marry a Kashmiri Pandit and in India Kashmiri pandit are only untouchable community and nobody wants to talk about them because a big vote bank will get affected but he was marrying so he paid for. He wanted IPL team in Kochin but he has some partners from gujrat and they don’t wanted this neither do Lalit M*ODI or Narendra M*ODI or Dhoot sahib of videcon so he paid for and C*NGRESS was more happy than B*J or M*ODI with this issue because they get a golden chance. Though C*NGRESS pretended like they were waiting for our PM to return but how much hypocracy everybody know he has to sign whatever letter comes from Janpath to Racecourse. But we lost an highly intellectual youth politician and a youth hero until and unless there are hundreds of TH*RUR or Scindia or Jindals this country will have politics around BABA and their chhote baba and madam , tomorrow some niece or nephew will come into Indian politics and they will become national nephew and niece so Indians be ready to welcome them if TH*RUR like politicians what go like this way out of politics then be ready to accept them.
    Now role of PC and P mukhrajee was same as directed by janpath or rather say Indian white house. But role of Ashok Gehlot is very much interesting because as everybody knows that M*ODI is one the friend of V*sundhara and Gehlot knew that there is something compromise between CPJ(RCA-CM and UM ) and M*ODI as CPJ favors M*ODI on IPL issue some time ago so he has two targets so he plays a vital role by attacking on M*ODI.
    But not body was talking about BABA in between this controversy so our BABA gives a statement in favor of TH*RUR saying he will be used in state politics and party politics like some important leaders were used.
    When people started thinking about TH*RUR and he was getting huge support from public C*NGRESS diverted issue by IT raids on IPL , match fixing allegations so that what mistake he has voluntarily made for that L*LITH M*ODI can be held guilty and for this they have to sacked M*ODI ( which will be on 26th ) otherwise people will know the reality of TH*RUR resignation , they will ask about reasons for his resign because he has no direct involvement in IPL . He has allegation of influencing bidding – when he was anti- L*lith M*ODI then how was it possible if not then why he was asked to resign this questions were about to raise but C*NGRESS very shrewdly diverted the issue and now they will even get double bonanza by getting rid of P*war.
    ROLE OF P*WAR AND P PATEL- P*war is head of BCCI though chairman is Shasank and everybody knows his relations with his father and people are aware about his ambitions of being ICC chief and his past relations with C*NGRESS. He was chosen CM of BCCI woth help of M*ODI so he was obliged with him and had some interests in IPL ( multibillions or more) and same interests has his deputy Patel ( his daughter made private plane of AI to use for team chennei) but P*war new that M*ODI is a threat for his future carrer in BCCI because he was being more popular than him in cricket world and has a huge support of cricketers as well of businessmen so he want to sweep him so he used TH*RUR by giving him support in bidding of Kochin team and his purpose is going to be served because big fished had no harm in any case.
    ROLE of B*J and its leaders- B*J leader Raje has very close friendly relations with M*ODI and through this route M*ODI has good relation with Adwani as well with Narendra M*ODI. Initially M*ODI try to use these relations to pursue TH*RUR to quit the bidding process and he agreed at the home of Adwani but later refused this make M*ODI to attack him personally by disclosing name of Pushkar as a partener of Kochin team owner.
    On other hand Narendra M*ODI wanted a team in Gujrat but both Sahara( pune due to amny velly) and Rondevous did not prefer Ahmedabad . So ambitious Narendra M*ODI wanted a team in Gujrat by any mean because he want to be a future BCCI chief if government of B*J comes into power, so he used his relations with Gujrati businessmen who were partners in Kochin team bidders and they give statement in favor of Ahmedabad team and L*LITH M*ODI and Dhoot of Videocon also wanted to have team of gujrat as he was looking a good opportunity in Ahmedabad as they are cricket crazy people. Here one thing is important to know that both M*ODI has the same surname but they belong to different communities ( OBC- N- Ganchi and GENERAL-L- Marwari –jain maheshwari category).On other hand Arun Jaitely was opposing L*LITH M*ODI because he has the same target as both M*ODI’s has so he oppose L*LITH.
    ROLE OF MEDIA- Media ( term has changed its meaning in Indian context) in Indian play a very destructive kind of role in all kind activities because either they owned by political parties or show paid news. We have perfect examples of N*TV and A*J TAK – one shows goody picture of C*NGRESS and BABA – madame – PM – NREGA ( a new hub for corrupted people) and on other hand one shows same for B*J. But some channels show extreme useless news like what Sachin or Big B do or what this hero do or how prince lived in well and their media trails are wow! Sometimes I think if these media persons were in CHINA then no doubt on first day were hanged but bad luck of India they are here what can we do.
    In IPL controversy without thinking a word they proved TH*RUR as well M*ODI and IPL a villain and convicted them perhaps till death if they are not Phoenix .May god provide them some self-respect , some conscious and most importantly a back-bone to stand again something, because they were not talking about Dantewara or About the Indian who buy EAST India COMPANY but they were talking about IPL, what madame eat what BABA did, how he lived his night in a hut of a DALIT or how he eat with KALAWATI ( but people are happy with this only) .
    WHO ULTIMATELY PAID- The cricket and the people of India are the ultimate looser because we know nothing will happen with big sharks. Cricket is the ultimate loser because faith of people in cricket will decreased but allegations of match fixings, a globally accepted Indian brand was moving toward American market perhaps will ceased because now C*NGRESS will hijack this game and our BABA will decide whom to bat or whom to bowl. If somebody will bowled out national nephew then he has to quit cricket. This country has loose leader like TH*RUR whom young people looks their own image, who was inspiring reverse brain drain, who was leading jeans wearing leaders , who was pulling people wearing black ray-ben but now all ends. If you have to be a leader either change your sir name or change your consciousness or start flattering then you can lead to a rubber stamp minister or prime minister or even a president.
    (* student of MBA. E-mail: surajpalkhichi@gmail.com)

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