Delhi waiting for the Commonwealth Games to begin; will atleast stop some of the frenzied construction

The Commonwealth Games is one of the largest sporting events to hit Delhi for a long time, maybe being the biggest event after the Asian Games in 1982. Getting the games here was a major event for Delhi, something that was hard fought. Countries fight for the privilege, since it adds to the prestige of […]

Lalit Modi, and how the IPL issue is blowing into a Congress-NCP issue

It seemed like a small issue, and initially, we could not believe it. How can Lalit Modi, who otherwise seemed such a successful organizer (and would have had to overcome so many obstacles including people trying to take his position) find himself in such a position. And the more so with Shashi Tharoor, who had […]

The Trinamool Congress, and how Mamta Banerjee finds somebody more unpredictable than her

Mamta Banerjee, as many of her allies know, is very unpredictable. Initially in the Congress, she separated and went on her own lonely path. However, given the over-bearing presence of the Left Front as the long ruling leader of West Bengal, she had to ally with the Congress to increase her resources and be able […]