India faced by constant problems from Pakistan – why don’t we strike back in the same coin

There is no getting around the fact that India faces an undeclared war on it by Pakistan – the concept being that Pakistan will bleed India through a thousand cuts, with no real reaction from the Indian side except for hand-wringing. We indulge in a lot of reactive behavior instead of being proactive; and depend on the force of external pressure to try to control Pakistan rather than showing them the error of their ways. In the meantime, the terrorists sent by Pakistan, pushed in through Bangladesh, Nepal and also home-grown ones, laugh at our attempts to try to placate them, and regroup whenever necessary.
Why is it that we cannot use the various levers that we have to control and show Pakistan the error of its ways. For example, consider the following:
– India has separatist movements in many of its territories that are getting supported by Pakistan; so why is it that we cannot do the same ? Why is that we cannot use the separatist pushes in the region of Balochistan and Sind, send material and support (or as Pakistan calls it, lend moral support to the independence movements in those regions) ? There is nothing more strong in persuading a nation than the fact that you are willing to play by its games, with increased effort.
– Indian security agencies are worried about the economic games that Pakistan plays within India through pumping in fake currency; but the fact remains that Pakistan is in a worse off economic condition than India, and if India seriously starts to play with the Pakistani economy through pumping in fake economy, it can quickly Pakistan to stop its efforts in that direction

Both these above efforts are something that most spy agencies can do fairly easily, and with a lot of deniability, as long as the political support is there for this
– Most important, India controls the water flow to Pakistan. Under an ancient 50 year old treaty, India gets a certain amount of water, and has to let the remaining go to Pakistan. India does not even use its full rights, and bows down to Pakistan when it raises any form of protest. Instead, India should move towards urging scrapping of this treaty (and when powerful nations move towards a certain position with conviction, typically there is not much of international reaction). Just a move towards exploiting its full water rights and the threat of reducing the amount of water to Pakistan will be enough to scare the country.
There are many other such measures that nations can and do take, but Pakistan knows that India will not have the conviction for any of these. However, just starting to move in this direction will be enough to start the discussion in Pakistan about whether the move to continue supporting terrorism is worth it.

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  • Gaurav

    First, we all must remember that in any nation (including Yemen, Pakistan or Afghanistan) the number of terrorists are extremely small compared to the total population. Terrorism is driven by extreme fundamentalism which comes first to everything materialistic or non-materialistic. So no matter what we do, the terrorism will not stop by the use of forced arms. These terrorists are not the bunch of random rebels. They are warriors and its in their genes. They have been fighting for these lands for centuries.

    Coming back to the question you raised, I deny even the slightest chance of success by the ways you suggested. To them Jehad comes first to everything. And by everything I mean their home, their families and even their countrymen. And if the government of Pakistan tries to stop them they will burn down the parliament. The government doesn’t support them, it fears them because they have the support from Saudi and Dubai.

    I see only one way to stop terrorism from Pakistan or Terrorism in General. Education. Had Pakistan government have put 7% of their additional GDP into building schools and teaching peace instead of building nuclear arsenals, the terrorism would have abated. If US had spend that much money in educating Afghanistan, a bet you that there would have been far too less terrorists.

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