Khap panchayat leader and others convicted of heinous murder, no major impact on policemen who did not do their duties

Khap panchayats are a curse on many areas of North India. In rural areas, these caste ‘panchayats’ would comprise of the caste elders, while they were not constituted under any law or any legal structure. Under some arcane beliefs, these would meet and then bring the alleged offenders in front of them. And what was […]

India faced by constant problems from Pakistan – why don’t we strike back in the same coin

There is no getting around the fact that India faces an undeclared war on it by Pakistan – the concept being that Pakistan will bleed India through a thousand cuts, with no real reaction from the Indian side except for hand-wringing. We indulge in a lot of reactive behavior instead of being proactive; and depend […]

Foreign universities bill passed by the cabinet, but will face opposition (including from within the Congress)

Just a few days back, the Union Cabinet passed a Bill called the Foreign Educational Institution (Regulation of Entry and Operation) Bill, 2010 which empowers Foreign Universities to setup their campuses in India. This is a Bill that seeks to regulate the functioning of these Foreign Universities in India, something that was not on the […]