Association of personalities with different brands and its impact

In the past, we have had sports personalities earning money for advertising almost anything; so for example, many very fit sports personalities advertise junk fizzy drinks that do nothing but add empty calories to diets all over, and nobody seems to have objected in the past. It is only now that there seems to be more people expressing an opinion when they see a sports / film or other important personality forming a tie-up with something that may be objectionable. With the advent of more media, and hence the need to form issues out of anything in order to stay ahead, even a slight hint of some kind of improper association is enough to start a campaign – the good point is that this is like a check on how personalities (who are role models for many people) behave; the bad point is that even if there is nothing wrong, the feeding frenzy of the media can create issues out of nothing. Let us consider 2 examples:
– Shahrukh Khan owns a IPL team, the KKR, and is always on the lookout for how to earn more money from advertising and other associations for these teams. He has spent a large amount of money on buying this team, and is entitled to earn money so as to make this a profit-making step. However, he seems to have not done his calculations right in one respect. He tied up with a hosiery brand called ‘Lux Cozi’, and nothing wrong in that. However, this is a brand owned by the Ashok Todi, who is heavily suspected in the death of Rizwanur Rahman (who made the mistake of marrying Todi’s daughter). A protest from residents of Kolkata seems to have stopped the tie-up, although this break-up seems to be restricted to the IPL team, with Shahrukh continuing to remain the brand ambassador.

– Amitabh Bachchan became the brand ambassador for the state of Gujarat. Now Gujarat has been acclaimed for the strong leadership, for its growth that seems to be taking it ahead of other Indian states, personified by its Chief Minister, Narendra Modi. It is also true that Narendra Modi bears responsibility for the deaths of a huge number of Muslims in the 2002 riots. Now, soon after Amitabh took on this role, he was criticized for this step by a number of campaigners who are pushing for trials of all those involved in the 2002 riots.

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  • anirudh kasala

    As far as the brands and intentions are not immoral it doesn’t lead to a problem.But celebrities also need to know that they expected to lead the people who follow them in a right path but not dragging them into miseries.Just raising a finger at them for earning money endorsing brands is just being cynical.

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