The turmoil in Maharashtra – tussle for the sons of the soil

The tussle in Maharashtra looks like an ongoing Mahabharta war, with the Congress and MNS / Shiv Sena in opposite camps, and the state Congress playing the role of the blind father, who is unable to do any kind of justice. It has been apparent for some time that the MNS is playing the role of the savior of local customs and jobs with great show and display, including beating up migrants from northern states, and so on. Since the subject of Marathi pride, Marathi culture, and Marathi jobs is a pet subject of the Shiv Sena, it too jumped into the campaign. At this, the first major rupture in the current round of politics happened.
The RSS considers the Shiv Sena as a fellow brother in the struggle for Hindutva, but on this issue, a touchy point got hit. The RSS considers the whole of India as one, and to proclaim that a particular city or state is meant more for one community is a prickly issue to the RSS, and the RSS chief jumped into the debate. The BJP was forced to follow suit, and jump into the same debate. This in turn got the Shiv Sena to get all touchy, proclaiming that the RSS had no idea of what was involved, and asking them not to interfere.
The Congress typically watches such issues from the side, since it is a national party and cannot afford to be identifying with the Maharashtra for Marathis sentiment; and yet cannot take the logical step of bringing in the required police action to stop the MNS goons. It wants the MNS to keep on splitting the Shiv Sena vote, but the Chief Minister and other leaders were forced to take a side when Rahul Gandhi also jumped into the debate, criticizing both the MNS and the Shiv Sena, and other Congress leaders had to make the required public statements in support. Yet, for the last few hours, all they had to do was to take the required constitutional steps of maintaining law and order, and this would have automatically shut the speeches of the MNS.

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  • Rolly Chowdhury

    Congress is playing no active role in Maharashtra politics.Even during SRK’s IPL statement and the repercussions that MNIK had to face,Congress was very late to act.Wonder What is going to be the future of financial capital of India ?

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