Amar Singh finally turned out – he was asking for it

Well, it finally happened. Some days after it became clear that relations between the strongman of the SP, Mulayam Singh, and his man friday, Amar Singh, were not okay, they started sniping at each other; Mulayam not directly, but through various party people, including his own brother; and Amar Singh directly. The confrontation was apparently over the position that Amar Singh had in the party, he would always have expected to be the number 2 in the party, but the family relations for Mulayam would have meant that he would have been more comfortable with his son and brother having leading positions in the party. Further, since the SP has been out of power for so long, the charm of some sort of power has also lost, and it is true that parties out of power tend to start splitting sooner. In addition, it could be very much possible that the fight between them could also be because of sharing of commercial interests.
However, after some time, the resignation of Amar Singh from the various party posts was accepted, and in a sign that the separation was final and complete, these posts were given to other people. And then it happened, soon after Amar Singh made some threatening noises about spilling secrets of his ‘netaji’ (Mulayam), he was expelled from the party along with Jaya Prada. Now, it seems that the Samajwadi Party is trying to get their Parliament seats unseated by quoting some earlier verdict.

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