The whole drama over the IPL and Pakistani players

Why is that the IPL always have some kind of drama even before it starts ? Last year it was all about the Government not willing to provide the required level of security, and after some words between Lalit Modi (who eventually works for BCCI, which was headed by Sharad Pawar), the whole tournament was moved to South Africa. The Government was never happy with this approach, and considered the movement of the tournament to South Africa as a vote of no-confidence. Of course, it is a different matter that the Government finally got back on Lalit Modi by getting him removed from any official position in the Rajasthan state cricket board in the last election to that board.
This year, there is another major drama that has already happened. The Government is unable to take a strong position on Pakistan inspite of all the provocations, and open support to terrorism inside India. The Government does not even seem to be retaliating in the same coin, and refuses to take any action to even convince the public that it is serious on doing something. However, there is another initiative that is happening in terms of trying to increase people-to-people contact so that the peace process could start at the grassroots level (whether that works is a different matter).

Now, onto the IPL this year. This year the IPL (version 3) was supposed to have a higher amount in the auction of players, and since Pakistani is the current T20 world champions, their players were supposed to be in high demand. However, in a huge surprise, when the IPL auction happened, not one of the teams bid for any Pakistani players; and the initial reaction was that of shock. The Government of Pakistan and the cricketers considered this as an insult, and locally, everybody denied responsibility. The Government of India denied giving an instructions, the IPL chief Lalit Modi denied any involvement in terms of any instructions, and the franchises did not try to give any justifications. There was a feeble attempt at justification by stating that the teams were looking for players who were available for the entire tournament, but this was quickly dropped.
And then the politics started, with Shahrukh Khan, who owns one of the teams that did the purchasing, bemoaning that no Pakistani players were selected – in effect, condemning his own actions. The Government of India also stated that it considered the non-purchase of Pakistani players as a wrong step, and then the IPL must have given out instructions. At last count, one of the teams had purchased a Pakistani player; and then the Pakistani cricketers, realizing that they should not burn the golden bridge, also tempered their harsh words. However, to people outside, this is all a high level of drama.

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