Amar Singh separates from the the Samajwadi Party

It was an odd combination earlier, since they are 2 different people entirely. Mulayam Singh is a die-hard Samajwadi who came up in the tough world of politics, building up his power and reputation step by step, bolstered by backward class politics. On the other hand, Amar Singh is the Rajput, the wheeler-dealer, the person who was more at ease with the richer section of society, who brought in the film support to Mulayam Singh (except for Raj Babbar is more of a socialist person himself).
The combination of Mulayam Singh Yadav and Amar Singh worked for a very long time, and it would be pretty clear that they know a large number of secrets of each other; however, for some time now, Amar Singh must have thought that he was indispensable to the Yadav chieftain (it is also suspected that Amar Singh would have controlled the money flow for Mulayam). But as time passed on, it was also becoming clear that Mulayam had always considered the Samajwadi Party as his personal domain, and how better to demonstrate it than bring his dynasty into politics.
Hence, over a period of time, the son, the brother, the daughter-in-law, all of them were brought into the party, and started the clash of ego. The old supported, with connections of his own would believe that he had a strong role to play in the party, while the family believed that power was only for them, and in this quest, the family always has to win. And so it has happened, with Amar Singh’s resignation from the various party posts now accepted by Mulayam and Amar Singh also finally breaking loose, with the statement that he believed the various action of Ram Gopal Yadav were sanctioned by Mulayam.

Now where will Amar Singh go ? He can go to the NCP, or he can even head for the Congress, a party that will welcome the secondary stringers on in the shape of Jaya Prada and Sanjay Dutt. But will he reveal secrets that Mulayam would have preferred never come out ?

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  • Veer Vikram Singh

    Mr. Amar singh,about my opinion, u r really responsible for deafeated in Lok Sabha elections.
    n ur continuity in samajwaadi party may destroy the party.

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