The Telangana issue gets murkier – Congress fouled up

The Telangana issue seems to have got much murkier. To break the fast of TRS chief KCR and to put down the sporadic acts of violence then happening, the Center agreed to the demand for Telangana, and they did not do any kind of consultation with other political parties, something that would be integral to such a momentous decision. Must be that some stupid advisor much have told them that this would put down the TDP into internal division, and help the Congress in the next election. However, the proclamation had 2 major results:
1. It caused the leaders of the whole of Andhra to revolt against this action; apparently to protect the interests of the people of Andhra and Ryalseema, it was in reality for protection of their real estate interests in and around Hyderabad. They in turn caused a groundswell of protests and public anger that is only now starting to die down.

2. It caused minorities in other states to expect that maybe now their own demands for statehood will get easier to push through, and even though this movement has declined after the initial spurt, it is still something that can keep on raising its head.
Now, the Congress has realized that it has unleashed a tiger that can cause it too much of internal problem. Granted, it has caused problems to the TDP having to reconcile between its Telangana and Andhra factions, but the same problem is being seen with the Congress leaders as well. Surprisingly for a party such as the Congress, the MLA’s and MP’s from the Telangana region are raising the banner of revolt, and are only backing down when the High Command is only ordering them to do so. However, they face huge pressures from the student lobby in the Telangana region, something that is not easy to withstand.
Right now, the Congress has taken a couple of different turns; it said once that the situation has changed and the Government may not push for a new state easily; at another point of time, the Congress stated that it would move ahead, but it would take a lot of time and after political agreement (not something that they considered when Chidambaram made his proclamation). Right now, the best bet is to hand it off to a committee, which could take forever.

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  • Ameet

    Journalist & Author Satyabrata Biswas justifies that “there is no need for a separate Telangana state” in his Novel “Blueline Blues” , page-112 – which is available with M/S.Webnotions Book India Pvt ltd,F-18, 2nd floor, sector-8, Noida-201301 U.P, Mobile-099535 25272, Phone- 0120-4144411, 4144406/07

    Corrupt IAS / IPS office

    [Chapter-17… Novel “Blueline Blues”…written on Delhi’s Blueline Buses]

    According to my friend Ambalal, I.A.S means Indian Amichand service and not Indian Administrative Service. Similarly I.P.S means Indian Polish service and not Indian Police Service. These Amichands became teachers. Everywhere in the government, all offices were headed by these Amichands, including police commissionarates and courts. Even the Police Commissioner had to work under Home Ministry and the Home Secretary was an Amichand.

    Indian polish service officers were also helpless in the hand of Amichands. They were forced to polish the shoes of politicians and the Amichands. Thus, Amichands and politicians become millionaires very soon. You can see how politicians declare their assets in crores – though many of them, were no better than a beggar or a poor man before entering politics.

    When the babus were in trouble, the highest courts give stay against the enquiry and when the cases again come up, the court keeps on adjourning the case. This is called cleverness, maneuvering. Amichands are cleverer than Chanakya, one of the wisest persons in Ancient India.

    The IAS / IPS officers get government quarters in the form of say, a three bedroom bungalow with a lot of space around it. There was a servant quarter, and of course a garage too. These facilities, plus a chauffeur-driven Ambassador car, and two orderlies were some of the luxuries provided to them.

    In return, the officers had to say ‘Yes Sir’ and carry out the orders of the Government. They had to dance to the tunes of their higher ups – which was nothing but another form of slavery.

    I ask, why the parliament cannot pass a few rules for politicians like – old men should retire from politics and take care of their health instead of taking care of the nation, like a minimum educational criterion of graduation for filing nomination, and for criminals to be put into jail permanently or transferred to the zoo – since there was a shortage of animals. The rules should be applicable for all categories of elected representatives.

    There also should be an ordinance banning all the political parties in India and recognizing only a few. And then see the Magic! Hello, one more vital question – I do not know to whom should I ask? Once I already raised this issue in my earlier book, a year ago. Well, let me come to the point. Was there any point in splitting the states into small – smaller and smallest parts?

    There were no need for Jharkhand, Uttaranchal and Chattisgarh. Again, the same mistakes have been made by the Central Government by declaring Telangana as a separate state (please Tel-Lagana naa)

    I would like to ask, “What next, Manmohanji?” Please be ready with the axe as you have to cut into pieces so many states that are lined up – Mithilanchal – Coorg – Saurashtra – Gorkhaland – Bundelkhand – Bhojpur – Cooch Behar – Vidharba – Harit Pradesh – Bodoland and more and more proposals would reach Delhi to divide many other states in the near future.

    I ask, is it possible for our government to abolish all the states in India and give birth to only five states (region wise)…………..like East – West – North – South and Central. I think, this would solve all the Lafdas.

    Otherwise, one day would come when each district would have to be made a state of India – and there would be hundreds of thousands chief ministers – Rama – Shyama – Jadu – Mahhu (not Madhu Koda – another Madhu). Should I call it progressive India or an India going back to a feudalistic Kingdom and Zamindari pratha?

    End of Chapter-17

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