The whole drama over the IPL and Pakistani players

Why is that the IPL always have some kind of drama even before it starts ? Last year it was all about the Government not willing to provide the required level of security, and after some words between Lalit Modi (who eventually works for BCCI, which was headed by Sharad Pawar), the whole tournament was […]

Amar Singh separates from the the Samajwadi Party

It was an odd combination earlier, since they are 2 different people entirely. Mulayam Singh is a die-hard Samajwadi who came up in the tough world of politics, building up his power and reputation step by step, bolstered by backward class politics. On the other hand, Amar Singh is the Rajput, the wheeler-dealer, the person […]

The Telangana issue gets murkier – Congress fouled up

The Telangana issue seems to have got much murkier. To break the fast of TRS chief KCR and to put down the sporadic acts of violence then happening, the Center agreed to the demand for Telangana, and they did not do any kind of consultation with other political parties, something that would be integral to […]