Soren to become Chief Minister with BJP support

The recent elections in BJP had multiple claimants, with the JMM of Shibu Soren, the BJP, the Congress, and the smaller parties of RJD, Babulal Marandi, and Madhu Koda trying to get his wife to the assembly. In the past, Shibu Soren has had the support of the Congress and was even a Minister in the Manmohan Singh cabinet before having to resign after having been convicted by a court of murder. He was seen mostly in the UPA camp, with the BJP claiming to be a party of its own power, yet having committed a self-goal by having kicked out Marandi.
The recent elections threw up a fractured verdict, with the JMM, the Congress and the BJP all sharing the proceeds, and no one having come close to victory in the 81 member assembly. So it was quite obvious that somebody will have to agree to share to form a Government, and in this case, it was the BJP that decided to buckle down and agreed to support the JMM to form the Government. The BJP, if you leave aside a few parties such as the JD(U), has had problems in terms of forming alliances, so one is unsure as to how long this alliance will last.

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  • fj

    What a joke.A criminal wants to be a CM,yet again.And still begger joke is he is being elected by the people.Good work Jharkhand.The tribals has great future ahead.

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