Advani finally replaced by Sushma Swaraj as Leader of opposition

For some time now, it has been reported that the RSS has been taking over the leadership decision making of the Bhartiya Janta Party, and today you could see the first step in this direction. Till now, there was news that Advani will resign, Rajnath Singh will go at the end of his 3 year term (due December end), and people with younger blood will take over, both in terms of parliamentary and party leadership. As a part of this plan, Nitin Gadkarni has been projected as the next BJP chief, and it is not a coincidence that he is from Nagpur, the headquarters of the RSS.
The RSS believes itself to be the parent organization of the BJP, and enough people in the BJP believe that to be true, enough people to let this decision making happen. The RSS has not been comfortable with Advani ever since he praised Jinnah and was forced out of the Party President position, and it is also true that he is 82 years old, and it would be impossible to project him to be the leader of the BJP in the coming years. Trying to get a new leader is also an attempt to ensure that decision making about the next leader happens, rather than the constant skirmish among the second level leaders in the party.

Today was the day when Advani finally bows out of prominence, since he no longer holds an important decision making post in the party. The party created a specific post known as Chairman of the Parliamentary Party, but he also gave up the post of the Leader of the BJP in the Lok Sabha, and also the post of leader of the opposition, which is equivalent to a cabinet minister in terms of perks. With this, the glorious career of Advani, who along with Vajpayee led the BJP from a position where they held 2 seats in 1984, went onto form a Government within 15 years, and who has also been leading the BJP when it seems to be in decline, in a disastrous mode (link to article):

82-year-old Advani was chosen at a meeting of party MPs, which amended the Constitution of the BJP Parliamentary Party to create the post, paving the way for election of Sushma Swraj as the next Leader of the BJP in Lok Sabha and to be its Leader of the Opposition.
Simultaneously, Rajnath Singh (58) is expected to step down as party President on Saturday to make way for 52-year-old Nitin Gadkari as the party head. The elevation of Advani in the Parliament Party marks an end of the era in the BJP which was brought to the position of the main Opposition in 1989 by Advani with his strident Hindutva plank, capped by the Rath Yatra from Somnath to Ayodhya.

Advani has been both heavily praised and hated, praised for his role in the growth of the BJP, and hated for his role in the growth of Hindutva, which has also been accompanies by more strident proclamation of the power of the Hindu majority in India.

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  • Priyank Saxena

    articles are of great information.Also I appreciate the decision taken to choose Sushma Swaraj as opposition leader. It will surely going to help BJP in future.

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