Finally Madhu Koda is arrested – Took its own sweet time

It is very rare that politicians in India are arrested for the corruption that they commit. If you have relatives or friends in Government, especially if they are in a senior position, then you can be fairly easily convinced that every politician is on the take (except for the few – for example, both Manohan Singh and Atal Behari Vajpayee have impeccable reputations); however, it is the rare case where some politician is prosecuted for indulging in corruption.
Consider the case of the 1980’s, where Rajiv Gandhi came in with a huge majority in 1984, but soon after, charges of corruption in the Bofors scandal laid him bare and unable to answer. VP Singh, the other opposition members, and the media led by The Hindu and the Indian Express put him in such a position whereby he lost his entire majority and lost the 1989 election. It is of course another matter that no one has been convicted for the Bofors scandal.
To some extent, we are no longer shocked by such corruption scandals; but even then, when you hear of the ease with which Madhu Koda allegedly made his money in the corruption scandal without any check, it seems very very strange. Here was this MLA, who became the Chief Minister as an independent and was supported by the Left, the RJD and the Congress in order to keep out the BJP; and while being an independent, he was able to sway mining contracts to this degree that he has apparently made huge sums of money (in the thousands of crores).

And then, after this scandal was being investigated and thrown around in the media, he goes ahead and fights elections in the upcoming state elections, and when summoned by the investigating agencies, refuses to go there since he was busy in the election campaigning. This is the ‘fear’ that modern day politicians have of such investigations. There is now a wide-spread belief that every action is now linked, so when the police and investigating agencies move against some one, it could be because either there is a need to add pressure, or because that person is not in favor; and when the situation reverses, then the hounds can be called off.
How can you otherwise justify that a person accused of such large crimes can remain free without the police and investigating agencies arresting him. It is only today that he has been arrested, and one can be sure that this arrest is linked to some change in the political situation (link to article):

“We have reached at a stage when his arrest was necessary. We had taken the arrest warrant from the competent court,” Inspector General of Police, Vigilance, M V Rao said.
38-year-old Koda, who is being jointly investigated by the vigilance commission, Income Tax department and Enforcement Directorate, was arrested from the Chaibasa district of the state.

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