More courts make disclosure about their properties and assets

After a huge amount of controversy, and where it seemed that the judicial system in India is being tagged with the charge of being resistant to declaring their assets, things seem to be turning over. Initially, judges in India (led by the Supreme Court and the Chief Justice) seemed to be totally against the concept of declaring their assets publicly, and were sticking to their stand that the only disclosure of assets would be to the Chief Justice, and this information would not be public. However, a sustained media campaign to push for a more disclosures from the judiciary seems to have had an effect.
What would also have had an effect is a few items that keep on coming in the media about there being an element of corruption in the judiciary, whether that be the campaign against Justice Dinakaran where his case is currently before the Supreme Court collegium (he was recommended for elevation to the Supreme Court, but there is a widespread campaign against him by the lawyers including many leading lights for land appropriation); and that most of the judges, who are totally honest, would object to their being criticized for not being open when they would have no objections to doing so (link to article):

In a step towards greater transparency and accountability, the Madras High Court on Friday disclosed the assets and liabilities of all its 54 judges on its website, becoming the second HC in the country to do so. The Kerala HC was the first to declare the assets of its judges on September 30, followed by the Supreme Court that placed details in the public domain on November 2. Though the High Courts of Delhi, Bombay and Punjab & Haryana have already announced that they too would make public their assets, they have not yet implemented the decision.

Such disclosures, and on a regular basis, help in ensuring that the judiciary, which has the highest reputation among all the arms of the Government in India, continues to retain the highest level of respect.

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