The emerging distance between Mulayam and Kalyan Singh

Kalyan Singh seems like the total outsider. At one time, he was the lord and master of the BJP in Uttar Pradesh, and the Chief Minister of India’s most populous state. Now, to some extent, he is sharing the fate of the BJP, only difference being that he is in a worse off position. He does not appear to have any friends, does not have any political influence, and the only party that seemed to be ready to team up with him, the Samajwadi Party, seems to be backing down due to the perceived political liability (link to article):

In an apparent sign of Samajwadi Party’s disenchantment with Kalyan Singh after its crushing defeat in the recent bypolls in Uttar Pradesh, party supreme Mulayam Singh Yadav on Saturday said that the former chief minister never was nor would ever be inducted into the SP.
“I have said this in the past and would repeat it again that Kalyan Singh was never in the SP, nor he will be taken in the party fold in the future,” Yadav told reporters here in a reply to a question.

This is a backdown from the situation just a few months in the past, when Mulayam was ready to take on many sections of his own party who opposed the decision to align with Kalyan Singh. However, the recent drubbings that the party has received at the hands of Mayawati’s BSP and at the hands of the Congress must have really scared Mulayam. He could see his Muslim vote slowly heading back to the Congress, and that would have really broken his back. Hence the decision to put some distance between himself and Kalyan, who was the Chief Minister when the Babri Masjid came down.

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