Finally Madhu Koda is arrested – Took its own sweet time

It is very rare that politicians in India are arrested for the corruption that they commit. If you have relatives or friends in Government, especially if they are in a senior position, then you can be fairly easily convinced that every politician is on the take (except for the few – for example, both Manohan […]

Industrial agitations affecting the business sustainability of a location

For quite some time now, the location of the Gurgaon – Manesar belt was the area that was promoted as a automobile and components cluster. So you have bigger manufacturers such as Maruti, other manufacturers, and a huge number of automobile components maker. However, in the past couple of years, there has been a number […]

More courts make disclosure about their properties and assets

After a huge amount of controversy, and where it seemed that the judicial system in India is being tagged with the charge of being resistant to declaring their assets, things seem to be turning over. Initially, judges in India (led by the Supreme Court and the Chief Justice) seemed to be totally against the concept […]