Ahemdabad: Spreading the RTI message

The RTI Act came into force around 4 years ago, on October 12, 2005 to be exact. RTI (Right To Information) is a key method for common citizens to learn more about how decisions are made, what are the internal workings of departments and Government funded organizations. The Government is supposed to work in mysterious ways, and the passage of a file could take huge amounts of time. The bureaucracy would use the secrecy of its workings as a way to keep information out of the hands of citizens, and the Act was implemented as a way to blow open this secrecy. The Act faces resistance from many arms of the state, particularly the judiciary which believes that it is above this openness, but slowly there is more pressure building up to ensure that all sections of the Government, legislature and judiciary are open.
As a way to celebrate the 4th anniversary, there will be a week of celebration in Ahmedabad where rights groups and Government institutions will run campaigns on how further to popularize the act (link to article):

For the first time without confronting each other, members of civil society groups and government agencies would jointly celebrate four years of implementation of Right To Information (RTI) act in the state. The event is being pepped up with traditional art forms of puppet shows, streetplays and community sheri garbas to convey the importance of the law. “The campaign will address technical problems faced while filing RTI applications and proactive disclosures by government departments,” says Pandya. The RTI Act came into force on October 12, 2005.
In other parts of Gujarat a multi-stakeholders RTI consultation programme will be held in Panchmahal district. For the first time members from Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative CHRI, and NGOs like Anandi, MAGP would partner with district officials like the DDO, district education office and Sardar Patel Institute of Public Administration in propagating the RTI message among rural population and the importance of proactive disclosures amongst government institutions.

Getting the message of the power of the RTI Act remains hugely important, since a number of citizens remain unconvinced about the ease of getting information from the Government.

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  • Great Post. Tell me about it. Right to Information Act is very important. Can never deprive citizens of that right.
    Talking about RTI, Mr. Rizwan Merchant, a very well known lawyer, has made RTI his agenda while contesting for election from 177 constituency. i.e. Bandra, Carter Road etc. Check the blog out and get to know about his agenda… Give your views on what reform needs to be made.
    Guys we need to participate actively inorder to see some change in our society.
    So please get on the blog and leave your views as to how we can make our country better

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