Another one – Family kills son-in-law, allows daughter to be abused

Its horrible to read of such a case, and yet how many times do you read about such cases. Earlier, I would read about honour killings in many countries, especially in the Middle East, and wonder as to how somebody could do such a thing to a fellow human being, and especially to a close […]

Fight against the Maoists – need a unified strategy (2)

The first version of this article talked about why the Maoist problem has grown to such a large degree, and how the lack of development, and percolating of the forward movement of the Indian economy to backward and tribal areas is important. In the second part, we address how serious the issue is, and what […]

Fight against the Maoists – need a unified strategy (1)

A lot of problems that India faces in terms of internal disturbances are ignored till they are almost too late to solve. So, the Punjab problem was allowed to grow without actions being taken to stop or take concrete actions to stop the problem, the same with the Kashmir problem. Now, we have seen the […]