Consumer forum finds for person not given shop by builder

Dealing with builders has always been a problem. A lot of people have smooth interactions with builders, and have got properties (whether these be residential or commercial) without any issues; however, it is also true that in many cases, especially in tough times when builders face problems in terms of funding, or being to complete projects, that builders get even more difficult to deal with. For a buyer, there is a huge nuisance in being able to know the current status, or to get the invested money back, or to get the completed property. In such cases, appealing to the police, or going to consumer forums is one way, such as happened in this case (link to article):

As per the brochure, the respondents had also promised to handover the showroom’s possession to the complainant within a period of 2 years. Following this, Rs 23.30 lakh was paid by Ess Enn corporation. However, it was alleged that despite repeated requests, the respondents did not give any timeframe for handing over the showroom’s possession.

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