Personal Finance – What is a down payment ?

A term such as a down payment may seem obvious to many people who have experience in dealing with financial matters, but it makes a lot of difference to somebody who is getting into the matters of loans, EMI’s, etc for the first time. I know a lot of younger people who did not plan […]

India Consumer: Banks levying charge on pre-payment

You have a loan from a regular private sector bank, and your loan is for a 15 year period. Most people I know, including you, will not want to have the loan continuing for the full period of the loan, and would rather do prepayments as much as possible. However, banks apparently charge an interest […]

Government preparing to force builders to provide more information

The Government is proposing to make a law that will give a lot more information to buyers of property, and force the builders / property developers to be more open, have more processes in place, and hopefully not be able to hoodwink uninformed property buyers (link to article):

The aam aadmi looking to own […]