Swine Flu resistance increasing

Swine Flu (or more correct, H1N1 flu) is now spread all over the world, declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization. It has been reported from countries all over the world, with people contracting the disease, and a majority of them recovering; for a small fraction of them, the disease worsens to the point […]

Court sentences 3 to life in 1984 riots case

It is always said that justice delayed is justice denied, the very fact that the criminal justice system in India takes decades to wind through and deliver justice. In that time, people either give up on justice, die, or implemented their own form of justice; conversely, it becomes easier to thwart justice by either witnesses […]

Finance: Indian stock market recommendations as of 22 August 2009

The Indian projections in the short and medium term (6 months) for the stock market are in a bit of a flux. The US recession has been declared to be on its last legs by the Fed Chairman, Bernanke; however the facts on the ground are a bit uncertain. The housing market (where the entire […]