Maya and her fascination for statues

It is common knowledge that Dalits in India were a oppressed lot (and still are), being treated as a political base by the Congress party. It was the emergence of Kanshi Ram, who resigned from his Government service and setup the Bahujan Samaj Party for giving the Dalits a voice. In our modern word, it is hard to believe that a politician would not have ulterior motives for doing what he did, and it was not easy to understand fully the acts of Kanshi Ram, but his actions (including the fact that he did not actively seek any political power for himself) lead to a suggestion that he did in fact not hanker for power for himself.
It was Kanshi Ram who started the process of making the Dalits believe that they could wield political power, and as a part of taking this process forward Kanshi Ram handed over the actual power wielding to Mayawati (wikipedia). It has been Mayawati who has taken the party much further in its quest to become a major political power in the country, starting with the critical state of Uttar Pradesh. It is also true that among the urban class, there is a certain negative feeling against Mayawati.

Mayawati projects that as an upper class-lower class divide, and there may be some truth in that; at the same time, there is also a deep feeling of rejection against the image that Mayawati projects. She flaunts her corruption, she flaunts her grab of power, she flaunts her image of wanting to make it big (the images of big diamonds, asking partymen to contribute money for election tickets and for her birthday party), all of these are images that people do not normally see in politicians. It would be that she is like any other politician in corruption, but she does not hide it like others do.
This is further exemplified by her fixation on setting up statues for herself, something that no other politician in India would encourage while they are alive, to the degree that she does:

Opposition parties on Friday slammed Mayawati for unveiling statues and parks of Dalit leaders ahead of schedule, saying it was aimed at pre-empting the Supreme Court from putting these projects on hold. “The manner in which the Chief Minister hurriedly unveiled the statues and parks yesterday is indicative of her guilt at misusing government funds for party work,” Congress spokesman Akhilesh Pratap Singh said in Lucknow.
Mayawati had unveiled the 15 statues, which included that of BSP founder late Kanshi Ram and her own, and parks at a hurriedly-organised function in Lucknow on Thursday, nine days ahead of schedule.

Mayawati does this statue making and naming of parks to an incredible degree, naming them primarily for Kanshi Ram and for herself. The level to which she does this, and the money and effort spent on these efforts is remarkable. Naming objects after leaders is not new, given that the Congress names almost all things after Nehru, Indira Gandhi or Rajiv Gandhi, but they do name projects; they do not destroy existing structures for this. Mayawati has destroyed existing green areas for setting up huge statues as for example in Noida, and tried to pull down sections of a stadium in Lucknow for the same reason. But who would stop her ? Do people expect her to spend effort on development, or to create memorials for herself ?

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    The country where statues are erected at the huge costs & worshiped but living human beings are worried even for 2 square meals.Resultant is that around 45% populace is BPL- Below Poverty Line,a label of disgrace have been affixed on their fore heads, around 25% people are going BPL every year because of bearing the cost of treatment & medication etc.to survive only,74% population is anemic /short of Blood in their bodies.Every eatable,drinkable product is adulterated,even medicines are spurious.Villages,Towns,Cities even Capitals of the nation & States are not getting regular electricity & potable water supply.There is no proper arrangements for storage of agricultural produces and millions tons of Wheat,Rice,Cereals,Vegetables,Fruits & Fodders get rotten causing price rise in the country.None of the natural resources viz. Land,Forests,Rivers,Solar energy,Winds,Oceanic wealth and even mammoth man power have been utilized.Roads even Highways are in dilapidated conditions,full of pitches & patches. Parallel currency is prevalent in the market.Nation is effaced to chaos of mob ism & there is greatest problem of maintaining Law & order. The curses of reservations & coalitions are cancerous and our Leaders, the so called Trustees of the nation are least bothered about its bad effects & are contrarily engaged to make the best out of it on the thesis of divide & rule policy having been learned from the British & now is being practiced on a bigger scale in the names of different Castes,Creeds & Tribes without any policy for Unified Civil Code for the people of the country.Above all this nation has been told under a debt of $201.4 billions i.e.Rs.7940170000000/= as on March, 2007 & see the wonder that how our Leaders are reckless & worries free by keeping them busy in erecting Statues at the cost of Constitutionally Crumbled Country by keeping people alive in an impact of utopia only & by saturating their different fascinations. Comments invited—aagassociates@yahoo.com


    H.E. President of India- Hindustan- Bharat
    E-mail at: presidentofindia@rb.nic.in Dated:6th,June, 2009

    Heard Your Excellency’s address to the joint session of Members of Upper & Lower Houses of Parliament on the occasion of the opening of 15th Lok Sabha on Television Channel & also learnt with intensity in print media too.

    Almost it smelt stereotyped one, except most advertised a few achievements; though not fully attained; as per frequent media reports. Anyway it was a well drafted & meaning full address.

    Though there was no mention on adulterated eatables & drinkable items including even medicines which are mostly spurious; as per media information; which is the greatest menace, slowly killing this whole nation.

    Focus & agenda on women is clear that they should be treated at par with men & most logically there should be 50% reservation in every sector for them by directing the political outfits to decide on the basis of castes & creeds within their own set ups because it ought not to be the policy of the government at all, to decide on this classification based on castes & creeds. There should be no un- called for hue & cry over this most logical 50: 50 parity (Equality amongst women & men).

    Kindly direct your Prime Minister that he should introduce stern law i.e. ‘’Death Penalty’’ for the adulterators in every eatable, drinkable items, medicines and even those who adulterate the foddering items of the Animals should also not be spared, coupling the all responsible officials right from inspectors up to highest officers, engaged by the government/s for this check on adulteration. Believe us that only 10 to 20 or maximum 50 such deaths along with deaths of the concerned staffers, after fast track inquiries & decisions, shall be sufficient to end this most dangerous practice of adulteration.

    Now come to Your Excellency’s priority on Governance reforms, kindly be informed that for this Praja Tantar has to be inducted into The Constitution of this Country because there is a vast & wider difference between Lok Tantar & Praja Tantar and we can provide the complete charter of the said Praja Tantar, certainly to be implemented at behest of a person of our choice from the Praja itself.

    And under this charter of Praja Tantar, we shall undertake to give plans /projects; off course; impart able against a Moue in B & W, because obviously to run the affairs of a government is a business:-
    >to add Rs. 2,500, 0000000/= (Two thousands Five hundreds Crores ) Per Ann um, to the State Exchequer to overcome the financial ill health of the nation & to lay necessary infrastructure,
    >to eradicate almost total unemployment of this nation,
    >to turn the bane of latest Ism- Terrorism into a boon for the nation, under a very viable programme &
    >above all we can give the technical know – how of a Generator, which will produce energy without the usage of any sort of fuel, neither Solar nor Windmill type is required, even vehicles can be run on thus produced energy.

    We wish that this time Your Excellency’s promises to your subjects, the people of the nation, should be fulfilled in all respects. And it shall also be a matter of great pleasure & remembrance for the generations to come.
    An either way response is earnestly solicited. Meanwhile with warmest regards & with obeisance,

    Faithfully yours,
    AAG- Associated Advisors Guild E-mail at: aagassociates@yahoo.com
    Copy to Media Magnates for necessary information & further feedback—AAG


    Hilta Nahi Hai Pattaa, Bin Teri Raza kea, Insaan Gunehgaar Kyon, Malloom Nahi Kyon -(A Leaf cannot stir,without the will of God,Why human is culprit,is unknown)

    Ms.Maya is the Maya ( Delusion of God )& she may reimburse the cost of her fancy for Statues,by collecting donations from the workers & her well wishers across the globe,before submitting a response to the Supreme Court—AAG-
    Associated Advisors Guild. Comments solicited at: aagassociates@yahoo.com

  • And I donot thik she has gain any more votes by doing that …. now even dalit’s are against this flaunt behaviour ….. it would have been way better if she would have potrayed her as down to earth women ….

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