Web based delivery system for our citizens

We have database of total voter with election commissioner. The smallest elected representative is the panchayat pradhan, ward councilor. The electoral of that small area are represented by that elected representative. We need a web based management system where, when citizen call for a problem with voter no, the call is written and mapping with the local representative bucket. The representative   could be in touch with electoral directly and try to resolve the same or forward the issue with comments to MLA or MP

bucket. The system can directly  provide a view of  administrative ability and performance of that representative instead of only survey polls during elections  and directly the top representative now can check the  ground reality below.

The idea of these system comes from remedy management system of telecom service provider where each complaint received through call center by customer is noted in web based platform and docket raised in the bucket of engineer mapped with customer. The engineer is the last company representative to resolve the problem or forward to territory manager/ areamanager/ noc bucket or other bucket who could resolve the problem without customer running from pillar to post and customer complaint is always mapped with a company representative. The same system can work between citizen and political representatives and can act as first layer grievance of people in their area. The system allows  comments of representative  to recorded as dialogue to a local issue and where the solution lies. The citizen could have status of issue through toll free no all the time. The going for centralized system  can give all the representatives directly people thought and immediate representative thought  at ground from top of the political hierchy. Government can will give the IT sector a boost as to implement that would require huge manpower to map the largest democracy which seems to be under pressure from recession.

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