Post office executives to pay fine for non-delivery of email

Government Departments and utilities have always believed that they are above the law when it relates to stuff such as consumer interests, customer complaints, and consumer forum activities. However, given that these Government utilities such as telecom, electricity, water, roads, post offices, etc get money from consumers (either in the form of direct payment such as electricity, post office, telecom or indirectly through the taxes we pay), it is only fair that they be held accountable when their customer service is below the desired quality levels or when their actions cause harm to consumers. And so it has started to happen, consider this case when the postman did not deliver a mail claiming that the address could not be found, that when the complainant directly was able to locate the address (link to article):

The South Mumbai District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum has directed the chief postmaster-general of Mumbai and the postmaster in charge of Tardeo post office to pay Rs 8,000 for non-delivery of mail. The consumer court had initially sent a notice to a Mahim airconditioner dealer after Shobha Alimchandani complained of deficiency in service but the envelope came back, with “address not known returned to sender” stamped on it. Alimchandani then located the address and filed a complaint against post office officials for shoddy service.
“We direct postal officials to jointly pay the complainant Rs 5,000 as compensation for expenses and Rs 3,000 as compensation for harassment,” the forum said. Consumer activist Rajan Alimchandani said the complaint was filed on realising that the complainant was being fooled by the postman who had not delivered the mail deliberately.

In this case, the case also included the top official of the postal department for Mumbai, thus ensuring that responsibility for shoddy performance is laid at the responsible level.

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